10 good reasons you should adopt a pet

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Adopt a pet means more than a gesture of charity. It shows respect and solidarity for an abandoned animal. This noble attitude should be widespread all over the world. Adopting an animal is worth it for many reasons. Get to know 10 of them.

According to the "WHO", there are over 70 million homeless dogs and cats in the US and around 600 million worldwide. 

If laws were more rigorous in terms of punishments for those who abandon a dog, cat, or any other animal, there would be fewer abandoned animals. Another measure that could diminish not only homeless pets but spreading diseases would be castration. Lack of further information about it is sure one of the obstacles that make people to be discouraged or ignore the advantages of adoption.

A vast majority of collected female dogs into shelters are not castrated. This very concern increases if one takes into account that an unneutered female dog in her offspring can have up to 67,000 dogs. Many abandoned animals may die on the streets due to disease, starvation, being hit by cars, or because of mistreatment. 

Social media is a very important tool that can reach a larger range of potential adopters as well as announce a lost animal. It prevents them from becoming another lost animal.

The main given reasons for not adopting a pet:

  • Old age - the expense increases because of the animal's age-related illnesses.

  • Superstition - black cats are the most disliked.

  • Disease - the animal can spread disease in the family.

  • Unpredictable - the animal can attack family or even guests.

  • Background - high-profile people would rather choose pets with pedigree.

The main given reasons why people abandon their pets:

  • Financial difficulties.

  • Unexpected litter.

  • Inappropriate pet behavior.

  • Loss of interest in the pet.

  • Owners get divorced.

  • Change of address.

  • Lack of spare time or room at home.

  • Death of owner, hospitalization in a medical facility, or job loss.

  • Allergic people in the family.

  • Birth of a child.

  • Extended owner vacation.

  • Pregnancy (fear of contracting toxoplasmosis).

    10 main reasons you should adopt a pet: 

    1 - Because you will save a life 

    Each year, it is estimated that more than one million adoptable dogs and cats are killed by euthanasia (sometimes for no apparent reason).   

    2 - Because you'll have a new friend at home 

    By adopting a pet, you will have a new "little guy" to shine your days and change your day-to-day routine.    

    3 - Because an adopted pet is cheaper 

    The cost of non-breed pets may be lower if compared to those with pedigrees. Furthermore, the animal's first vaccinations are usually up-to-date by the shelter where they were taken.     

    4 - Because a pet avoids risks of depression or bad mood 

    The new guy only provides happiness to you. There is no room for depression. Now you have new routines and new reasons to be chilled, Dude! 

    5 - Because a pet does help in the children's education  

    Frequent contact with a pet can be useful for children's education, such as teaching them to control their impulses and to deal with life's difficulties with resilience.

    6 - Because a pet allows you not to be alone anymore





    The new resident in the house, especially if you live alone, changes your purposes, and this very company shall give you another motivation to go onward in life.  

    7 - Because the pet will also help other abandoned animal who needs a shelter

    Adopting a pet may also help another animal that is abandoned because it will free up more space in the shelter. 

    8 - Because you will be motivated to join the movements against animal cruelty 

    Animal Rights give fundamental support to movements against animal mistreatment, such as the Cruelty-free International movement. Hence you might be more motivated to join those causes in order to help animals from all over the world.  

    9 - Because you'll get more exercise and make new friends 

    Go walk with your pal will fresh your mental state and give your body more strength due to the exercises it might provide you. Not to mention the new friends you both shall make.  

    10 - Because you will fully change for the better your lifestyle as well as your pet’s 

    Adopting a pet has many advantages. You change your life and do the same for the guy you’re adopting. Furthermore, you can spread the good news to your friends and ask them to do the same as you did. Show them the wonderful changes it provided you and so on. 

    Adopting pets is a great attitude: good for you, for them, and the planet!

    Do not waste time. If you need a friend, adopt a pet and make you both happy. You know there are more advantages than otherwise. So do it. The little ones will love your attitude! 

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