10 indispensable pieces of advice you need to know before doing sustainable tourism

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Environmental education is a must for anyone who wants to practice sustainable tourism. Small gestures can be great examples if you have environmental education wherever you are visiting. Read more and memorize the 10 pieces of advice to be a conscious tourist. 

If you are planning your summer vacations, avoid negative impacts on the environment. Be a conscious tourist!

Sustainable tourism is vital to the local environment when one preserves the natural beauty by respecting its culture in every aspect, socially and economically.

"Sustainable tourism is what safeguards the environment and natural resources, ensuring the economic growth of the activity, that is, capable of meeting the needs of present and future generations."  World Tourism Organization 

10 pieces of advice to be a conscious tourist. 

1- Respecting local culture and customs

Being kind to the locals shall be your best asset. Say hello when walking in the streets (mainly if it’s a small place) and if possible take some of your time to chat with popular people. Get to hear their urban’s legends and so on. Take as many pictures as you can.

2- Choose local typical foods

When you give preference to the local dishes instead of similar but from different places, you make the grocery owners happy. You are also helping the place’s economy. 

3- Buy only souvenirs from the place you are visiting 

This small gesture means a lot to whom you are buying from. It shows you are giving value to the products made locally. Actually, you are helping the local artisans who made the piece. Always avoid buying anything that causes damage to nature, even if its local’s. Be the guy who gives the example to the other tourists.   

4- Before trashing anything away, make your own selection

Most hotels nowadays have selected garbage. If not make your own garbage distribution. The same when you are out. If suddenly you see someone who litters, teach them how to behave properly. Show that nature needs more respect. Forests, parks, mountains, and beaches (even the seas) need to be clean all the time. 

5- Do not take anything along without permission

When taking walks in environmental areas, avoid collecting plants, or other objects that may harm the local ecosystem. Ask first if you can do it. Take pictures instead. A good idea would be to interview a folk character. This makes any trip ever alive in your memory!

6- Replace any plastic cups, straws, bottles, dishes, etc.  

Try to take your own dishes and other biodegradable material you need to use when eating, for example. Recyclables are a good call either.

7- Save water and electricity as much as you can

Be responsible when using water during your stay, no matter where you are. Anywhere in the world, water is a gem that should not be wasted. The same towards electricity. Before leaving the hotel, hostel, or any place else, turn off the light, fan, or air conditioner.

8- Give preference to local transportation 

If the place you want to visit is too far, rent a bike or pick up a local van, cab, or bus. Choose local workers only. If possible, make the previous itinerary before visiting any place. You save time and money by doing this. 

9- Report places that exploit animals

Jump out of attractions like "artistic swims" with dolphins, animal performances, circuses and aquariums, elephant rides, camels (even horses), and visits to zoos. Instead, report them all to authorities, no matter how hard it is for the local economy. Animals need some respect wherever they are. 

10- Before getting back home, pack not too much

Try not to load your luggage too much so its weight is not too different when you start your vacation. In other words, any luggage must be reasonably packed. So be selective. Try to buy light stuff. So the bag won’t too be too heavy. Customs love heavy suitcases! MAY YOU HAVE AN UNFORGETTABLE SUMMER VACATION!  

The bottom line: having fun is to respect the environment and local people anywhere you visit!

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