10 tips for a sustainable and conscious Christmas

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A few decades ago, Christmas was equivalent to high expenses and too much waste. Not to mention much junk food. Nowadays, these old manners are switching. Environment and health are more important than high consumerism. Hence it is crucial to know and apply rules in order to have a sustainable and conscious Christmas. Read more.

Have a different Christmas by helping to protect the environment and your health!

A sustainable and conscious Christmas demands your attitude to apply rules that can become a new tradition every holiday - like Thanksgiving for example - from now on. 

10 sustainable tips to have a conscious Christmas: 

1 - The Christmas gifts

Buy gifts that are not made of plastic. There are those made of sustainable plastic that is the best option these days. Choose to package the gifts that can be recycled after they go to waste, which by the way should be well separated after the distribution and opening of gifts. 

How about making your own gifts? Upcycling is the smartest way to revitalize old toys and other materials. Another nice tip for gift wrapping is to use sustainable fabrics that can easily be recycled later. If you want to give a gift with an attractive price, durability, and brand name, like those wonderful Greenco bags and backpacks.

Another great tip for sustainable gifts comes from the idea of organic electronics using green technology applications.  

2 - The Christmas supper material

Use only recyclable cutlery, preferably made of wood or stainless steel. Try to find plantable cups, those that you can plant after use.

The same goes for straws, which should be biodegradable and never made of plastic, given that they will be banned soon. Dishes also have to be traditional ones, made of ceramic or steel.

Napkins, handkerchiefs, and towels can be made of sustainable and organic cotton because they last much longer than the other types. Moreover, you can wash and reuse them many times. 

3 - The Christmas decoration

Use natural and seasonal foliage and ornaments in Christmas decorations. Avoid using styrofoam to create certain decorative pieces. If you have children at home, ask them for help, because there is nothing more sublime than to count on the creativity of your ecological child at such a beautiful time as this.

A good tip is to create pieces paying homage to retro or vintage art in the decoration. Besides Christmas stockings, always use the most durable ingredients, such as fabric, paper, metal, brass, glass, and wood. 

4 - The Christmas tree 

    Besides being not authentic, a Christmas tree made of plastic does not represent a sustainable Christmas at all.  The best call is to use a real tree. After the Christmas holidays, the tree can be replanted. By the way, a new tree planted can teach you many lessons to start a good New Year. 

    This very tradition also represents the real Christmas Spirit. Go for it and to rise the mood of your home. Even better, go aromatizing the environment with powerful and invigorating essential oils.  

    5 - The Christmas outfit

      Christmas traditional outfits, of course, will depend on personal and the region where she or he lives. After all, everyone has good reasons to dress according to their mood and so on. The important though is to be conscious of what sustainable Christmas may represent. That’s why the best clothes are those produced ethically and sustainably, according to the rules of the Fashion Revolution Movement.

      A good example is clothes made of Comfy or even the coveted Greenco T-shirts, the fashion top of the hip youngster. The best thing, in short, is to join the conscious consumerism club.

      6 - The Christmas food

      Since sustainability is the watchword of this era, nothing is better than having only organic products instead of junk food for Christmas supper.

      The more cautious can opt for food that lower and regulate your blood sugar. For dessert, use natural sweeteners in the cake or other delicacies you offer. Do not forget to serve fruits, another great choice. 

      7 - The wine and the good music 

      After the meal, it's time to get the benefits of the divine wine (if drank in moderation, of course). Also to improve the ambiance, nothing is more relaxing than music.

      Music makes anyone who enjoys good music, feels great and cheered. Even elderly people love music. It puts you in a wonderful mood, providing the harmony and peace that you are going to need in the upcoming new year. Yeah, this is the real ‚ÄúSustainable Christmas‚ÄĚ!

      8 - The food loss

        Now is the time to avoid food loss as much as you can, once, by the way, is one of today's biggest issues in the world, given that hunger is everywhere.

        According to experts, "the worldwide disposal of food that could be reused reaches 30% of what is produced for consumption. That is, every year, about 1.3 billion tons of food are thrown away. This volume would be more than enough to feed the more than 800 million hungry people in the world."

        The best choice is to recycle the leftovers. A good idea is to do domestic composting.  After all, "in nature nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

        9 - A time for reflection and planning

          After the Christmas party, the memento is to start planning the future and to be thankful for the lessons of the finishing year. Remember that good thoughts attract good luck. In other words, if you keep a good mood, great things happen to you. That’s the law.

          10 - A sustainable Christmas helps the planet

          Saving water and energy is fundamental to reducing the planet's carbon footprint and being part of conscious people who do worry about where they live.

          Ultimately, by following these 10 tips, it is sure you are going to have a wonderfully sustainable and more conscious Christmas!  These examples shall resonate positively in the upcoming year which is coming full of peace, love, and health! Happy Holidays!

          By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN