10 tips for places on the planet with the best vegan food

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With the rise of the Internet, you can order the food of your choice without leaving home. Nevertheless, some people prefer to go to a restaurant to enjoy their favorite meal. Others prefer to eat their food locally by visiting places abroad to taste different vegan cuisines. Get to know ten of these places.

Before planning your trip, find out which countries have the best vegan cuisine in the world

Vegans, as being more demanding than vegetarians, do have difficulty choosing places where reliable vegan food is sold. Still, the current trend suggests that the range of vegan restaurants is highly increasing.

Before starting to make your plans to go abroad to taste different vegan food, do not forget to check about the local's customs towards foods and nutrition. Some places may be different than what you expect. 

For example, Australia and Argentina have a carnivore identity given the primary food of these places is beef, pork, and other animals’ meat. On the other hand, UK cuisine has a strong vegetarian side, partly due to the impositions of religious beliefs. 

Vegetarian Controversies

There is a disagreement about what may or not be eaten by the veterinarian adepts. Some allow fish and seafood, eggs, and dairy products in their diet and others do not. The controversy remains without consensus.

The vegan diet leaves no room for variation

On the other hand, veganism fights against food with animal protein and any products made with animal parts and nay animal cruelty, according to Cruelty-Free International. They also fight for environmental sustainability.

The good news is that vegan restaurants are spreading! 

The exponential growth in the number of vegan establishments is remarkable, as verified by the Happy Cow website, a great source of consultation not only for vegans but for vegetarians as well. 

Meet the restaurants in ten countries where you can eat the best vegan food on the planet.

1 - Zurich, Switzerland

The oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world is located in one of the most important Swiss cities: Hiltl which opened its doors in 1898 and currently receives 1,500 customers/per day. Other restaurants are also awesome, such as Tibits, Elle’n’Belle, Marktküeche, and Samses.

2 - São Paulo, Brazil 

The capital of São Paulo is one of the biggest gastronomic centers on the planet and, therefore, a great deal of choice for vegetarians and vegans. There are many alternatives for these tribes: Vegacy, Barão Natural, Loving Hut, and Casa Raw.

3 - Berlin, Germany

Veganism in Germanic lands is growing more than anywhere else in Europe. In less than five years it has increased by 800%. Therefore, Berlin won the title of "vegetarian capital of the world", given by the famous vegetarian magazine, Saveur. The city has more than 30 vegan cafes, snack bars, and restaurants, like Veganz, the first vegan European supermarket. Other famous vegan restaurants are, La Mano Verde, Sun Day Burgers, Lucky Leek, and Cookies Cream.

4 - Ubud, Indonesia

According to the rigid local culture, Indonesian cuisine does not use animal protein at all in its traditional dishes. The small town of Ubud is famous for having some of the best vegan restaurants in the country, such as Alchemy, Yellow Flower, Wulan Vegetarian, Bali Buda, and Kafe.

5 - London, England

The British capital is a world example in the fight against animal cruelty, as it is considered by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) a legitimate "vegan-friendly city". A great variety of London establishments adopt a vegan diet, such as the famous pub, The Coach & Horses. Among the best alternatives for vegan restaurants, there are the following: The Palomar, The Dairy, Punjab, Wild Food Café, Mildreds, and Ethos.

6 - San Francisco, USA

The most beautiful American city can also be considered one of the most vegan cities in the world. San Francisco has more than 200 restaurants that do not use animal protein in their food. Among them are: Kin Khao, Ike’s Place, Gracias Madre, and Curry Leaf.

7 - Chennai, India

India is the birthplace of vegetarianism and Chennai, located in the south, is the "greenest" city in the country. Most restaurants only work with vegan and vegetarian cuisine, such as the Vegan Village, Cafe Kripa e Cholayil Sanjeevanam

8 – Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese capital is considered the second city on the planet with the most vegan restaurants, second only to New York. One of its successes is vegan ice cream, Ain Soph Ginza, as well as the vegan falafel pizza found in Cafe Rappa, and the famous hamburger from Hanada Rosso. You can't miss the traditional lamen do T’s Tantan.

9 - Rome, Italy

Pasta and risottos are already available as vegetarian options in Italian cuisine, despite the fame of its meatballs. Many restaurants are embracing vegan cuisine as well. Some of the best vegan dishes in Rome are found at troppo bella Bottega Nostrana (Bono). The tasty Panzanella can be found at Hosteria Grapollo D’Oro, but one cannot forget the appetizing mushroom risotto from the Alessio Ristoranti.

10 - New York

The "capital of the world" has the largest 100% vegan establishments on the planet. Among cafes, raw food, bakeries, and bistros, some stand out, such as Vegan Divas, Blossom du Jour, Peacefood Cafe, Dirt Candy, Green Roll, and Taïm


Make your best choices and go eat the best vegan food in the world. Traveling is surely a great deal, and tasting the local vegan cuisine is even better. This is a privilege for a few. So make the most of your abroad experiences, both for your knowledge and your taste.

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN