After getting back to school, what lessons can be learned from the pandemic?

School is back after a long time offline in several states. It was time to see friends again (live!) as well as dealing with new post-pandemic protocols. You need to be aware not only of your safety but also of environmental impacts. New lessons are to be learned after all!

Balanced emotional issues are important to keep good body and mental health after the pandemic

It's not easy to break a routine and get back to it after a long lockdown, not only on the psychological level but also on the educational level. So many characters involved on the process.

It’s time for readjustments!

Parents return to work, children, adolescents, and adults return to their schools. The return is gradual until the new routine is well assimilated. In other words, it is time to "resignify", to take new attitudes, and to fully enjoy the new cycle that begins.

Resignify means to give a new sense to life from a new vision of the world

Resignifying also means new customs and routines!

From now on hygiene measures are mandatory and so have to be rigorously followed for the sake of your health. Everyone needs to rethink themselves!.

Time to thank the teaching professionals who heroically participated in the process and won!

Worldwide the situation is just about the same

Return to normality needs sacrifice end solidarity. Some measures follow local, but the rules of hygiene, non-agglomeration, and vaccination are for everyone.

Thus, anywhere on the planet ought to have to follow strict protocols inside schools, such as:

  • new school chairs with protection in classrooms

  • students disinfection tents at the entrance

  • temperature control

  • use of masks

  • hand washing (water and alcohol)

  • installation of faucets

  • guidelines to be followed in case of contamination (students or teachers)

5 tips to reduce the environmental impacts of back-to-school:

  1. Uniform: wear clothing made of organic, sustainable cotton, in addition to shoes or sneakers.

  2. School supplies: carry a pencil with rubber; notebooks with recycled papers; quality binder made of recycled material. Decorate the binder, notebooks, and books with discarded flaps.

  3. Discarded paper: collect the papers of old tests and put them all together in one package, to give strength to the waste pickers of the neighborhood.

  4. Old books: promoting a campaign at school to donate textbooks to neediest colleagues or institutions where their distribution to those in need is guaranteed.

  5. Snack: bring your dish, glass, and straw, made of aluminum or recyclable material (biodegradable).

So life goes on! Roll up your sleeves and kick the ball on because life is short and it’s here and now! 

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