Amazon: what can you do to save it?

September 5 was chosen to be the "Day of the Amazon" because it is the date of the creation of the Province of Amazonas (today, state of Amazonas) in 1850, therefore, exactly 170 years ago. The date, of course, is symbolic. We must remember the Amazon all year round, for what it represents for Planet Earth! Are you going to help the Amazon region?

It's about time to remember that Amazon has vital importance to the whole world. Time not only of reflection but of action!

This green immensity corresponds to a set of ecosystems that surrounds the Amazon River basin and Amazon Forest.

The date of September 5 reinforces the invitation to "look with eyes" and be more attentive to better watch this very region because it is still given secondary treatment by the rulers for a long time. The government comes in, and government comes out and contempt doesn't change.

Stricter measures need to be taken now or never! And the responsibility is not only of the authorities but of all who engage in this struggle!

Deforestation and the increasing agricultural exploitation (illegal conversion of forest into pastures and agricultural areas) in the Amazon, in addition to other illegalities, such as exploitation of slave labor, drug trafficking, and illegal mining, threaten the communities of riparians and indigenous peoples who reside there.

The threat extends to the region's ecosystem, such as fauna and flora, generating imbalances and environmental crises, unprecedented locally and around the world!

Any change in the Amazon ecosystem triggers the increase in droughts and from there, chain reactions occur, such as unusual warming of the planet, increased carbon footprint, among other serious impacts on the environment.

In other words, it is necessary to stop the dismantling caused not only by malicious Brazilians but by exploitative and inconsequential foreigners because if the losses continue at this alarming rate, the forests will cease to exist and this imbalance will reflect throughout the planet.

Fortunately, it is not a lost cause after all...

Luckily, as the Amazon is a colossal green world, and so around 80% of its forest is still intact!

But, it is not time to consider it as a victory, because criminals will only stop if there are greater vigilance and rigor in the penalties against these vandals who destroy nature and forget that they are compromising their own future.

Some data on the huge power of the Amazon:

  • The Amazon Rainforest has an area of 5.5 million square kilometers (2.1 million square miles) that is larger than the area of all countries of the European Union and is equivalent to more than half of the United States.

  • The Amazon River, with all its tributaries, contains 20% of the freshwater flowing from the world.

  • Even covering about 4% of the Earth's surface, the Amazon contains one-third of all known terrestrial plant, animal, and insect species.

  • Only the forest produces more than 50% of all the rain that falls in the Amazon region and certainly affects rainfall patterns outside South America.

  • The Amazon rainforest can house about 30 million people. About 1.6 million of these inhabitants are indigenous and belong to more than 400 different tribes.

  • The fauna of the Amazon region has more than 30 million species and the flora consists of trees, herbs, shrubs, lianas, and vines.

  • Some species, unknown, therefore, were not so far cataloged by botanical science.

The Amazon is not only important worldwide, but also for the communities that, like the riverside people, survive from it!

    Because it is a fragile ecosystem that requires permanent surveillance, the Amazon Rainforest depends on its massive size to survive.

    Deforestation without supervision allows clandestine wood extraction and weakens the capacity of the forest to produce rains and safeguard its fauna and flora. Not to mention the risk that indigenous people and riverside populations live on the site run!

    As a result, if the measures are not taken as soon as possible, up to 65% of the Amazon is in danger of turning into the savannah in the next 50 years.

    Thus, everyone should, yes, do celebrate the Day of the Amazon and, despite so many cruelties against it, thank that this green world continues to bravely resist the mistreatment of the irresponsible and criminals.

    Get yourself off your comfort zone and do something to save the Amazon!

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