If you are willing to dress cruelty-free, choose only genuine vegan clothing brand!

Vegan clothing is not harvested or tested on animals. People choose to wear it for a variety of reasons: as a protest against the unethical production, to be more eco-friendly with their wardrobe, or as a lifestyle choice. Keep on reading and reinforce your argument to join this fair movement!

Vegan clothing: saving animals and also nature!

Vegan materials can also be artificial imitations of animal-based materials or grown from plants. In fact, some of the most common materials that we use for clothing are actually vegan, such as sustainable cotton, pet-recycled or hemp.

Thus, vegan guys can buy a pair of fake leather shoes that look just like the real thing. You can have all the style you want and feel guilt-free!

Genuine vegan products, however, are registered by the Vegan Trademark. Its international brand offers assurances that vegan clothing will never be manufactured from animal components! 

Fortunately, some fashion brands know that leather, fur, exotic skins, and other animal-delivered material do contribute to a multifaceted environmental crisis!

Therefore, they decided to shift to a vegan style being responsible for choices by creating their fashionable wares with recycled, cruelty-free, and sustainable materials!

Are vegan clothes accessible to anyone?

The vegan clothing market is growing mostly in the youth community. They don't care only about their health but on what they wear! 

Anyone who cares about nature and animal life knows that for every fabric manufactured from an animal, negative impacts will echo on the environment!

May the vegan fashion revolution continue to influence designers as they see the beautiful possibilities of recycled plastic bottles, cork, wood, industrial waste, rubber, and other materials.

Vegans can look for products with the cruelty free label, a guarantee that a product and its ingredients weren’t tested on animals – but this is not a great signpost. If a product is vegan, it’s necessarily cruelty-free.

On the other hand, if the material is cruelty-free, it isn’t necessarily vegan. This means that a cruelty free label alone isn’t enough to identify a product as vegan and more investigation (like reading through small print on labels) is needed.

Greenco endorses whoever is friend of the animals. All living beings deserve some respect after all! By the way, check here the Vegan Collection.