Earthing: get to know the way to connect directly with nature for the healing of your diseases!

Going barefoot on the ground or grass represents more than a lifestyle. Stepping on the ground can heal. That's right! This phenomenon is known as "Earthing", an "electromagnetic exchange" between the human body and the Earth. So, an old human habit revives. Read more and connect with nature.

Earthing acts on the bioelectric environment of the human body, stabilizing its electrolytic changes and rebalances the nervous system, among other benefits

In other words, earthing aligns the bioelectrical environment of the human organism with nature, accordingly to the electrolyte concentrations that regulate the electrical activity of the brain.

Although earthing can have a positive impact on the electrical functions of the body, hence affecting the mind, it is important to underline that the results may be different from conventional psychological treatments. 

Some background about earthing

Most indigenous societies knew the benefits of walking barefoot on the land

The Indians knew that the ground would have sacred healing properties from nature, like herbs, for example. In Chinese medicine, the term Qi (pronounced "chee") is defined as the vital energy that fills the universe. Ancient philosopher Ge Hong said, "People reside within qi, and qi resides within people. From heaven and earth down to the ten thousand things, each one requires qi to live."

This belief and study of the Earth's natural energies would be found in Europe in the 19th century. In 1891 Louis Kuhne, a German naturopath primarily known for his cold water hydrotherapy methods, published "The New Science of Healing." Another German naturopath, Adolf Just, wrote "Return to Nature" in 1896, which encouraged people to begin walking barefoot outdoors.

From then on, a "return to nature" movement emerged in Germany. The motto was, "Bare feet in nature can have many health benefits,". Nonetheless, Earth's healing properties were just a theory that lacked further scientific foundation.  

A few decades later, American physician, George Starr White began to investigate the effects of sleeping while connected to the ground by copper wires affixed to household pipes. White proved that electrons from the ground could rebalance the body's electrical current and improve its quality.

Clint Ober is considered the pioneer of the new era of earthing. 

The American, Clint Ober worked for 25 years in the telecommunications industry, in the field of electrical grounding, which ensures the proper functioning of an electronic device or a machine. After suffering a serious illness that nearly took his life, and finding that going barefoot was doing him good, Oben invited researchers to prove his theory. The results of the effects of earthing on the physical and mental health of those who are in direct contact with the earth were astonishing.  Afterwards, Oben wrote "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever".

Also, scientists like Gaétan Chevalier, director of the Earthing Institute, have done studies that have not been consistently replicated. The lack of mainstream support and funding can slow down progress, but it doesn't matter because the path is already paved.

In the electronics and telecommunications industry, grounding is crucial to avoid electrical discharges that can have serious consequences!

Grounding all data transfer cables helps maintain electrical stability

In 1836, German scientist Karl August Steiheil discovered that ground could function as a return conductor in telegraphy if the cable terminals were buried underground. His proposal was met with suspicion, but in practice, the scientist was empirically proven right, and this was the advent of electrical grounding.

Grounding prevents electrical charges and interferences in TVs, electronic appliances, and the control system of cell phone towers.  

From grounding it is possible to achieve the complexity of perfect data transfer in today's era of the telecommunications industry via the Internet, cable, and telephone. 

 Effects of grounding on the human brain 

"Earthing is known in scientific circles by the name 'neuromodulation’, which is a process of inhibition, stimulation, modification, and therapeutic regulation/alteration of the activities, electrical and chemical in the peripheral, central, or autonomic nervous systems. This direct coupling of the human organism with the Earth alters the organic environment, both on the body's surface and inside, by raising its electromagnetic potential." (Excerpt taken from the article published by the National Library of Medicine, "The Neuromodulative role of Earthing").

In other words, earthing restores the natural state of the body's electrical environment and nervous system, reverberating in the electrical activity of the brain.

This "synaptic upgrade" helps to reduce pain (acute or chronic) and inflammatory processes because it strengthens the immune system, because humans are electrical beings composed of positively, negatively, or neutrally charged net atoms.

As with electrical equipment, if the human body is not grounded, the result is an accumulation of positive ions that cause organic imbalances, among them inflammatory processes. 

How does inflammation occur?

Inflammation is mainly caused by neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that the body releases when it detects a damaged cell. When damage occurs, the neutrophils are activated to resolve the problem. Thus, they encapsulate the bad cell, releasing reactive electrons. 

This process generates a deficiency of electrons and occurs because they are stolen from healthy cells. Because of this, the immune system kicks in, releasing more neutrophils to remediate the diseased cells.

A vicious circle is then created, resulting in a silent inflammation that can become chronic, lasting for several years without being noticed. Earthing does prevent this from occurring. 

Symptoms that popup and you can solve with earthing and, of course, after a medical follow-up:

  • anxiety or depression.

  • chronic fatigue.

  • cardiovascular changes.

  • post-traumatic stress disorders or traumatic memories.¬†

  • pain and inflammation.

Forest bathing is another way to practice earthing

On the grass, forget your shoes, sandals, or sneakers, when picnicking, meditating, reading a book, listening to music, talking, playing, and doing lighter sports. Indoors, use grounding mats or mattresses.

Earthing At Home and On The Go

Everyone can add earthing into their daily routine, there are many ways to incorporate grounding into your lifestyle. So follow these 5 tips recommended by Brazilian therapist Carolina Garabini (Instagram: @carolgarabini):

  1. The grounding should be done on grass, land, or beach and can last around 15 minutes/day, the ideal is to go increasing little by little until you can stay at least 1h. At home, whenever possible, go barefoot, and observe how you step.

  2. Keep your feet aligned at hip-width, pointing forward.

  3. Distribute the weight well across the soles of your feet.

  4. If you are sitting, do it on the ischium, the most prominent part of the hip. In this way, body alignment helps to increase concentration and attention.

  5. Take advantage and soak up the midday sun to replenish your vitamin D, with most of your body uncovered for 15 minutes. When you are receiving the sun's rays, put your palms up, as they are also an excellent source to receive this vitamin (guidance provided by Integrative Medicine).

    Some of the benefits that earthing will give you:

    • improves sleep quality.
    • attenuates chronic fatigue.
    • normalizes the day/night rhythm of cortisol.
    • reduces pain.
    • reduced stress.
    • increases immunity.
    • balances heartbeat.
    • accelerates wound healing.
    • reducts blood viscosity.

      "Earth connects all cells through a living matrix maintained and bound together by electrical conductivity similar to the function of antioxidants, acting as a defense system that restores the body's natural immunity." 


      Of course, there are the usual pseudo-debunkers who fight fiercely against the earthing process as an effective form of healing, with no side effects. The argument is the usual and boring one: “It’s a placebo effect". If so, so what? Isn't this the same old cliché to justify an unmistakable reality regarding the healing power of nature when in harmony with the power of the mind? 

      No further excuses¬†for that matter. Conscious people are in another vibe because of their level of knowledge, since "nature is the best medicine ever!‚ÄĚ. Thus, this trend is unquestionable, simple, and obvious: planetary sustainability is happening naturally because it is connected to people‚Äôs minds and nature as well. Whether people with second thoughts like it or not.

      By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN