Electronic fabric is about to arrive! Fashion market is excited!

So far, there were only thermal clothing, made with fabric that increases porosity in response to sweat or increased body temperature. It lacked a fabric that could alternate both porosity and infrared transparency in response to environmental conditions! Voilá! It has been just invented!

The evolution of thermal clothing!

The fabric of thermal clothing is made with synthetic fiber and has thermal properties that keep people - usually athletes - warm, absorbing sweat.

The weight of the fabric of thermal clothing is the parameter that defines the regulation of their temperature, that is, how much they should heat up. The thicker the fabric, the higher the heating.

Paradoxically, even though they are composed of thick fabric, the thermal clothes are extremely light, precisely to give total freedom of movement to the user.

So they upgraded the thermal clothing: the electronic fabric!

Recently, the first electronic fabric was developed which, in addition to automatically regulating the user's body temperature, adapts perfectly to environmental conditions!

In other words, it doesn't matter if the outside temperature is hot or cold, humid or dry. It will be the climate, combined with the body conditions, that will program the clothes and not only the heat of the body, as happened with thermal clothes!

The revolutionary electronic clothing is coming!

The new fabric will consist of wires coated with conductive metals that, intertwined, intercommunicate!

Made from electronic conductors, the fibers of this revolutionary fabric, are made with two different synthetic materials: one absorbs water and the other repels it!

Since human body is a perfect radiator, it releases heat quickly. But until now, there was no way to control it. The only alternative was to take off the clothes. So the new fabric is a bidirectional regulator!

Researchers at the University of Maryland in the USA have changed the reality of thermal clothing!

Thus, the researchers who created this fabric, have programmed it to automatically and instantly regulate the amount of heat that passes through it, depending on the conditions not only of the body temperature, as mentioned but also of the climate of the moment.

For example, in contact with a sweaty body on a summer day, the electronic fabric allows the passage of infrared radiation (radiant heat). When conditions become colder and drier, the fabric reduces the heat that escapes.

Infrared radiation is the main way for the body to release heat - about 40% of the heat transfer from the human body, occurs in this way!

Depending on the flexing of the fibers, the fabric blocks the infrared radiation or allows it to pass through. The reaction is almost instantaneous so that before one realizes that it is getting hot, the clothes may already be fulfilling their role, that is, it turns out to be some kind of "personal air conditioning"!

When the body cools, the dynamic infrared "shielding" mechanism works in reverse to trap heat and heat the user.

Entangled fibers

The fibers of the fabric function as a sort of "quantum entanglement", becoming a complex network of communication!

Scientists who developed the electronic fabric, estimate that the first commercial products incorporating this technology will reach the market as early as next year, as products of the communications sector and security!

It will be the first communication system integrated into a fabric ever invented on the planet!

The next step will be to pass on this technology to manufacturers and fashion industries that can start the incorporation of fabric on a large scale!

The future has begun at Greenco! Soon, you'll be seeing the electronic clothes here as well! Just hold on!