Forest bathing: therapy for a healthy mind and body

Connecting with nature is the best choice for keeping the body and mind healthy. Forest bathing can do it by recharging your batteries with pure natural energy. This very principle guided the Japanese therapy known as Shinrin-Yoku. Read more.  

Shinrin-Yoku was created in the 80's and became the cornerstone of Japanese medicine.

Shinrin-Yoku means 'forest bathing,' which is like receiving a therapeutic bath while feeling the vibes of the forest during a walk, detoxifying yourself of all the stresses from a stressful lifestyle.

That connection is in the human’s DNA. No wonder during ancient times most of the people living on Earth lived in the forest. This bond always has been strong and expanded to the plants, rivers, streams, and mostly with the animals.

To get rid of the city’s stressful life, people rather goes to green environment. They do realize this is the best choice to heal all kinds of pain, no matter if it is mental or physical. They’re back to the roots after all.

It can be proved due to the new movements recently created, like the "Slow Movement" that kicked out to other similar movements start. So science finally recognized that nature is the best medicine to heal human all kinds of sickness! 

Researchers at Chiba University, led by Yoshifumi Miyazaki, studied the benefits of being in full contact with the forest.

Using a biomarker of stress, they determined that those in contact with urban environments had higher cortisol levels than those in contact with a natural environment. During the research, neurobiological techniques were applied, when it was detected that the forest decreases cognitive activities.

In addition, staying in forest environments make you get from trees volatile compounds called phytoncides, which benefit the immune system. They are also applied in "Holistic Medicine".

Preps for your forest bathing

 5 forest bathing tips for you and your friends to seek the inner peace that reverberates on the external peace, the so-called "Peace Profound":

  1. Make your schedule by picking a particular day of the week, set time, and place (a park, if you live in the big city). How about taking your Greenco backpack, tote bag or shoulder bag?
  2. Get a good biodegradable trash bag. So you can even do some plogging as well.
  3. Take your cell phone only to listen to your relaxing playlist, and also, of course, your headset.
  4. Pick a book, just in case of a pit-stop or meditation under a pleasant tree.
  5. Don’t forget to put your water in an aluminum bottle.

    If you want to know better the environment you are in, just do these simple actions: observe it, talk to it, smell it and listen to it.

    It turns out to be a process similar to the “Mindfulness Meditation”. Thus, a focused attention means expanding awareness as well as the extra perceptions.

    A perfect forest bathing allows you:

    • To reduce stress and many other symptoms associated with it, such as anxiety, headaches, allergies, anger, and fatigue.

    • To decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

    • To enhance immunity, increasing the body's resistance against diseases, especially psychosomatic ones of various origins, which are very common nowadays.

    • To preserve energy reserves, reinforcing physical capacity and endurance.

    • To improve concentration, enhancing your creative abilities.

    • To increase your inner state of mind as well as improve your sleep.

    • To reduce the production of hormones, inhibiting the release of chemical agents, such as cortisol, that help maintain a permanent state of alertness, i.e. stress. 

    • To stimulate the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, conserving energy that would be uselessly wasted.

    • To cease stress due to the activity of the sympathetic nervous system decreases because it reduces the body's metabolism.  

    Forest Bathing to connect with Mother Nature!

    In Your Guide to Forest Bathing, Amos Clifford draws on four decades of wilderness experience to introduce readers to the medicine of being in the forest. You will learn about the roots of the practice, how to deepen your relationship to nature, and how to begin a practice of your own. 

    The rule is simple: Take a deep breath. Feel the wind on your face. Smell the scent of flowers and trees. Touch the Universe. You are in! Into the mood! Perfect insight = Good Vibes!