Green technology: plugging into smart tools that can fix this planet!

Green technology is the latest generation set of intelligent tools that helps reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Get plugged and get to know how this works. Afterward, download some applications here. 

Green-tech is a range of applications that smartly help to preserve the environment and makes people's lives better and easier

A set of programs and systems that incorporates green techhnologies such as:

  • Alternative Energies.

  • Atmospheric science.

  • Agriculture.

  • Materials Science.

  • Hydrology.

  • IT asset management.

  • E-Invoicing and E-Billing.

  • Internet facilities.

  • Intranet facilities.

  • Logistics.

  • Use of centralized management software, with a single database and information accessible to all with ease, speed, and security.

  • Efficient use of power.

  • Reducing waste.

  • Limiting the use of hazardous materials.

  • Creating eco-friendly products.

  • Sustainability.

  • Promoting tools that reduce resource consumption in indirect ways.

  • Lowering maintenance costs while improving quality.

  • Increasing the life-cycle of products.

The Age of Good Ideas 

The concept of green technology in terms of having tech tools to diminish ecological issues had begun during the Industrial Revolution (19th century) when scientists started getting concerned about the damage that coal-burning factories were doing to the environment. 

It busted a new era of good ideas and so new patents initiated the process. The aim was, of course, to reduce the level of soot and toxic waste released into the atmosphere.

World War II ignited new inventions

The bright side - the only one, of course - of the Second World War has to do about the so many new inventions that popped up then as well as the many ecological movements of various tendencies, such as the waste reduction movement. 

Nowadays, Green Tech is mostly regarding preserving ecosystems and saving natural resources.

10 green technology apps for you to download:

1 - EcoDice

An app like EcoDice is surely a very good tool to start your green journey. It offers you excellent tips to become an ecofriendly guy daily routine. You roll the dice and will be shown your green task for the day. One of the tasks can be anything from separating trash to riding your bike to work.

2 - iRecycle

The iRecycle app works like a directory to help you locate a recycler nearby. It displays full information such as phone numbers and the address (on map) of the institution you can contact for your recycling needs. Also, the app provides tips on how to get rid of hazardous materials such as paints, chemicals, and medications in the safest manner possible.

3 - ThredUp 

Since sustainable fashion is on the rise, apps like ThredUp lead the charge, inspiring shoppers to give a second hand a thought. It helps people to buy and sell high-quality secondhand apparel. This app has over 2 million items across 35,000 brands, making it one of the largest online thrift stores.

 4 - Tap

As conscious people worldwide continue to tackle the menace of plastic bottles, Tap can diminish this situation by helping you to find nearby refill stations. So you may change your mind when buying new bottled water and new water bottles. 

5 - Energy Consumption Analyzer

The Energy Consumption Analyzer app allows you to control your energy consumption by incorporating meters for various types of energy such as gas, electricity, and water. The app also facilitates your job when calculating the average rate of use per hour, day, week, and even month.

6 - JouleBug

JouleBug is one of the best apps for people who wants to have a green living. It makes sustainable living simple and fun. For example, this app helps you learn better ways to save money and cut down on your environmental carbon footprint.

7 - Too Good to Go

This Too Good To Go app hooks up users with leftover food from restaurants, bakeries, or supermarkets. Because the food is not fresh, you may consider it can go to garbage. Wrong, the food is too good to go. So the app will prove to you that.

8 - Beat the Microbead 

The Beat the Microbead app is the fastest way to get to know whether the cosmetics and toiletries you purchased are microplastics-free. All you have to do is scan the barcode and become aware of how much microplastic is in these products.

9 - SpikeBoy

It is a nice game that teaches your child to do selective garbage collection. SpikeBoy shows your kids how to select paper, metal, plastic, glass, and organic waste. The hero, Spike Boy, has to separate the garbage thrown by the enemy to defeat him.

10 - HappyCow

HappyCow helps you find vegan restaurants from across 175+ countries worldwide. With over 120,000 vegan-friendly restaurants. On its database, you have a lot of options to choose from based on your nearest options.

3 techs also considered as green: 

1 - Alternative Energies

Solar and wind power energies are monitored by equipment that enables their production at a competitive cost. In the testing phase, some devices generate geothermal energy and energy from tides or waves. 

2 - Solar car and electric airplane

The solar car and the electric airplane are not yet fully ready for the most popular market, as they face some obstacles that can be circumvented. The lithium in their rechargeable batteries is an element that only exists in the rainforests of South America. Its overexploitation can contribute to the devastation of the forests.

3 - Sustainable agriculture

In addition to hydroponics, agriculture has super modern equipment that not only helps save the high costs that the sector faces but also fulfills 3 crucial objectives: 

  • improve agricultural productivity and efficiency in the use of inputs
  • increase worker safety
  • reduce the environmental impacts caused by agricultural activity.

    Green-tech is the best solution for streamlining the use of equipment and applications efficiently and more economically. Besides being easily accessible to children and adults, it is the most intelligent way to fix this planet!

    By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN