How about a glass of wine a day? It is an excellent call to your body and mind!

If you are a demanding guy, you sure like to drink the best wine in town! Besides taste and having fun, your body and mind will get the best benefits from this miraculous drink! Well, read more and get to know better how good is a glass of wine a day! 

What a difference a daily glass of wine makes:

  1. Increases antioxidants - A glass of wine has antioxidants: polyphenols, flavonoids, and resveratrol. Its function is to protect cells and tissues from external attacks. It also reduces obesity and the chances of getting colds and flu.

  2. Increases "good" cholesterol - It helps the LDL (i.e., bad cholesterol), reducing the number of fat residues that can clog the arteries.

  3. Decreases the risk of heart disease - Epidemiological studies by the American Heart Association (AHA) concluded that a daily glass of wine is excellent for reducing the incidence of coronary heart disease by approximately 20%.

  4. Decreases the risk of a heart attack - A survey conducted in the United States, analyzed for 12 years, more than 30,000 drinkers of a glass of wine per day. The result found that these drinkers reduced the chances of heart attack by up to 32% compared to non-drinkers.

  5. Reduces the risk of stroke - A daily dose of 150 ml of wine is associated with decreased ischemic diseases. 

  6. Good for your gut - Studies published in the Gastroenterology Journal have shown that the daily wine glass produces in the body a vital diversity of bacteria. The more diverse the intestinal flora, the better for health. 

  7. Reduces stress and anxiety - Daily wine is an excellent remedy against depression and anxiety. The amount of 15oml/day blocks the enzyme linked to the production of substances that feed these emotions.

  8. Decreases the risk of having diabetes and gallstones - Daily wine helps reduce the chance of acquiring diabetes, type 2, by 30%! The same is the effect of gallstones. 

  9. Lowers the risk of having neurological diseases - Brain diseases risk such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may be diminished due to a daily glass of wine. 

  10. No more insomnia – Italian scientists have found that certain types of grapes contain high hormone melatonin levels. This explains why the moderate consumption of wine causes a pleasant state of sleep.

So who is responsible for the good wine you drink?

It is the winemaker, the professional who is responsible for the complete elaboration of the wine. In other words, a winemaker turns out to be a profound connoisseur of the land of planting and the vineyards that will produce the wine that will give you pleasure and do good for health!

Winemaking steps to produce a good and healthy wine:

  • The wine blend is the process of mixing basic wines.

  • Wine labels making before planting the grapes.

  • Soil analysis for planting the vines.

  • Types and methods of irrigation.

  • Best seeds and techniques to plant.

  • Kind of pruning.

  • Harvesting modalities.

  • Quality control of wine.

  • Bottling of the beverage and marketing

After the end of the grape harvest phase, the winemaker is the one who defines the winemaking techniques, the cuts (a mixture of grape varieties), the ripening time, and the right time for the wine to go to the market.

The pleasure of tasting inhibits the chance of inebriate with the "odorous liquid,” is entirely removed during the judging process.


Nicolas Labenne, technical director at the French winery Jean-Michel Cazes and member of the Association of Winemakers of Bordeaux, made an interesting revelation: "At harvest time, the role of the winemaker is to prove the contents of each tank daily. After the fermentation period, there are between 40 and 60 tastings per day in the blending phase. Also, there are periodic technical sessions in which we blindly experience competition labels, in addition to our own."

Sommelier is the guy who gives the final touch!

The sommelier works in the restaurants, bars, and stores of the segment to elaborate on the wine menu. He or she is also responsible for purchasing and receiving the brands according to the local demands.

Bacchus is the God of the Wine!

Bacchus, in Greek mythology, is the son of Jupiter, and the mortal Semele is considered the god of wine, representing the state of pleasure provoked by wine. Besides being an aphrodisiac, wine is famous for being a powerful "lie detector"!

Wine's fame of "revealing secrets" made a famous Latin phrase that was coined: "In vino veritas" meaning," in wine is the truth." Legend says that the alcohol from wine "releases" the drinker who begins to tell the hidden truths!

Good wine every single day is a good call. After all, "it's always wine o' clock!" Check it here and cheers!