How much has rock and roll influenced fashion?

Have you felt called to pair tight ripped jeans with an awesome Greenco t-shirt from which you craftily cut the sleeves and neck? How about a desire to pair a bold striped shirt with a patterned skirt? Yes! If you ignore the rock and roll origins, think mod, punk, pin up, with a little disco and something unique bringing it all together. Welcome to the party!

This is a rock and roll style influence! Why is that music so powerful in influencing society?

In the 1950s a new kind of music jolted the American mainstream: rock 'n' roll, a loud, fast, liberating sound that primarily appealed to teenagers. Rock 'n' roll was an offshoot of the rural blues and urban rhythm and blues music that for years had entertained all generations!

Most musicians dress based on their chosen genre of music!

So its not hard to distinguish musicians through their own styles. Rock and rolll style, for example, is unique, because is doesn't follow a straight and rigorous style. That's why most people who are music lovers are greatly influenced by their favorite hit makers.

In every era, there’s always a popular group which will influence a certain crowd’s style and music preference. Some becomes really popular that can even influence a greater audience. 

Rock and roll expression may be metaphorically translated into "lie down and roll". This music style started around the 1940s and 1950s.

Actually, this music is a sub-genre of the blues, an African-American style. Blues is originated in the cotton crops from the southern United States when black workers humming while working.

Styles originated from blues:

  • rhythm and blues (R&B)

  • country, urban

  • gospel, soul

  • bluegrass

  • folk

  • jump blues

  • jazz

  • boogie woogie

In fact, rock and roll music showed up on hit parades because of monsters like Fats Domino, Ike Turner, Joe Turner, Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Buddy Holly and, of course, Elvis Presley, alias "The King of Rock and Roll"!

Styles originated from rock and roll:

  • progressive rock

  • grunge

  • britpop

  • indie

  • heavy metal

  • softrock

  • punk


Rock and roll fans start to wear their idols fashion styles!

When music meets the latest trend, fashion designers can be creative when it comes to launching a whole collection that serves as a tribute to the rock and roll bands and musicians!

In other words, rock and roll music in essence turned out to be a form of an art that organizes sound in a melodious manner with the aim of expressing feelings and emotions. Fashion is one of those!

We know that fashion "speaks" to people in many ways, such as in a cultural manifestation or through music.

So rock and roll have had a great influence on fashion. Stylists loved the idea began to make money with their new creations to the rock musicians wear!

Thus, around 1950, the musicians began to dress in a peculiar and daring way. The more extravagant, the fancier the band was!

Rock stars who influenced fashion:

Elvis Presley


The King of Rock and Roll showed the world his super weird dressing styles, like short jeans with folded bars and leather jackets. Totally innovative style at the time, he was inspired by the miners from many regions, who wore their pants in this "sick" way. Elvis also popularized gel on the hair, with his banging hair on his forehead.

Bob Dylan

Bob was the guy who started launching many styes for fashion. His suede jackets were pretty famous as well as his cowboy boots and tight suits. One of his brands was disheveled hair and Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses (released in 1952). 

The Beatles

The most famous band in all times appeared at the time with a supermodern look. The Beatles guysy would wear straight suits and had neat hair. It's all really grimace. Young people then began to wear formal suits like theirs. The Liverpool guys made young Britain more elegant, after all!

The Rolling Stones

The oldest and currently most famous band, still on the road, captained by tireless Mick Jagger, was also another English band that rocked the look. They were, however, less formal than the Liverpool guys and the band had different styles among the other players. Anyway, many guys of several ages, are still wearing the Stones way of dressing!

Jimi Hendrix

Great Jimi also became hit with his scarves, prints and bell mouth pants, in the best hippie style. Choiring with him, others of the same suit, such as Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, dictated fashion with scarves, prints and leather accessories. 

David Bowie

Bowie and his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, started in the 1960s with the release of glam rock that became a style that became popular because the guys were always very decked out, with glitter, sequins, shoulder pads, and metalized fabrics. The idea was the androgynous look, mixing men's clothing with female women, makeup and chopped hair.

There are various entities in every society that influences its behavior and interaction among its members. The way people work, relate, play, eat or even dance is influenced by music in one way or the other. Within society, it is also important to note that its members have different tastes and preferences for various kinds of music (Powell, 2001, pp 137). 

Whichever the way you look at it, rock and roll music continues to influence who we are, what we wear, and why we wear it! 

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