Learn the secret to assimilating good or bad experiences to guarantee a great future!

The secret to assimilating good or bad experiences during a lifetime is not to transform bad moments into trauma nor make good moments to put you in a comfort zone. Each of them has good lessons. This attitude may guarantee a balanced and great future for your body and mind. Read more.  

End of the year. New scenarios up ahead!

Time to measure what has happened, no matter good or bad experiences. Time to filter what should be valued and what should not. 

In other words, everyone has ups and downs. So the fundamental rule is to retain only the cool moments and throw away the lousy ones. They only serve to teach not to repeat them. 

The truth is that "every cloud has a silver lining, i.e. nothing happens by chance or without a purpose or, "no pain, no gain".

Luckily, memory takes care of erasing or lowering the impacts of those tragic moments. Only negative people keep insisting on recalling unpleasant moments. That doesn't work because wounds would never heal.

3 basic requirements for shaping a future full of good things:

  1. maturity

  2. humility

  3. balance

Always look to the bright side of the moon. Life is good!

Most of the time, negative people are often ill (body and mind). Methaphoracly speaking they stare at a forest and only see wood to burn.

This kind of emotional negative state doesn’t work att all, no matter whether it is the genetic origin or due to their environment (cultural, religious, or philosophical). 

The so-called "Law of Attraction" is not a fantasy as some people say. It is scientifically proved that bad energy does contaminate the environment and people inside it. 

Reality is a point of view that differs from person to person. Nonetheless, the outcomes may not be equal to everyone regardless of how they see life.

Based on this principle American philosopher, Gary Zukav defines wisely what reality is: "Reality is what we think is true, and what we think is true, depends on what we believe. What we believe, depends on our perceptions and what we perceive, depends on what we seek. What we seek depends on what we think and what we think depends on what we perceive. Therefore, what we perceive determines what we will believe and what we believe determines our truth."

Ultimately, everyone has their own choices and can shape their future according to their thoughts and attitudes towards life. Some may be happier than others because they have determined their existence destiny. 

The best Christmas and New Year's present is to learn how to assimilate every moment with wisdom so that the future may be the best possible!