Meet Greenco's backpack and bags made in partnership with Misnella!

This year’s biggest launches promoted by Greenco is sure the backpack, tote bag, and shoulder bag production in partnership with Misnella! They are all made with reused raw material as well as cruelty-free! Keep on reading to get to know better these beauties you will love! 


Meet the Collection "Greenco by Misnella"

The backpack and the bags are exclusively designed in Brazil by Misnella, a sustainable Bag atelier based in Brazil. They are all cruelty-free made, and 80% of their pieces are from reutilized factory remnants or recycled materials. In other words, products are handcrafted sustainability! See them now!

Backpack "Beagá"

This neat backpack is super spacious, made from reutilized remnants from the textile industry, recycled rubber from the automobile industry, recycled plastic detail, and cruelty-free.

Details of the Backpack Beagá: 

  • The built-enable straps, an internal compartment

  • The built-in key clip, a zipper to close, and both external and internal pockets. 

  • Adjustable handles with an inner partition and rope with carabiner for keys, plus zipper at the closure.

Origins of the backpack

The classic design of the backpack remains the 1950s. It has an inventor: an American climber who, after reading a story from a specialized magazine that taught how to fold a blanket to turn into a package to carry on her back, just improved the idea and officially created the first backpack worldwide. 

The custom of the loaded bag carried on the back is, however, pretty old. The very first designs of backpacks popped up are ancient civilizations, like the Aztec. Due to the hilly region, cargo transportation in animals was rare, and the only way to carry the luggage was on the people’s back.


Tote Bag "Floripa"

The newest Greenco's launch by Misnella is plenty of space, with room for up to a 15" laptop if you need so. It’s made with recycled remnants from textile and automotive production, recycled tire rubber, and recycled plastic as well.

Details of the Tote Bag "Floripa" 

  • Adjustable strap and zipper closure.
  • The external pocket handle is of rubber cutting shavings used to seal car batteries.
  • Two internal partitions and two external pockets with a rope carry the keys.
  • The inner lining turns out to be of bright colors, so you can spot your stuff easier.

    Origins of the tote bag

    The bag or bag-bag became better known as a tote bag, a term originating from "tote" or "tate" from the 17th century, which means to carry, even though when not used as a bag until 1900. 

    In 1940, the tote bag appeared on the market, becoming world fashion, mainly in the 1960s. It serves to carry a lot, as long as not too heavy and even to make a supermarket!

    Shoulder Bag "Sampa"

    Another cool design by Misnella Bags, this pretty shoulder bag is a material produced and made with zero animal products. It's super light and quite comfortable!

    Details of the Shoulder bag "Sampa" 

    • Adjustable strap, a zipper to close

    • Two internal compartments and external pockets

    • Built-in key clip

    • Short and parallel handles

      Origins of the shoulder bag 

      In the 1920’s it was a small bag hand-carried instead of shoulder-carried. Mainly it was fit to carry coin and other small objects. Generally, taken to fancy places. 

      Fashion designers realized that those bags could be shoulder-carried and carry documents, lighter, cigs, etc. From then on, both women and men use it regularly.

      This match between Greenco and Misnella shares equal values and worldviews. In other words, this partnership is a successful team that creates a collection that showcases our attention to every little detail!

      Greenco's bags or backpacks are made with all due respect for nature and, of course, for yourself! Check them here.