Meet Greenco Comfy: a comfortable and timeless outfit!

The new Greenco Comfy turns out to be an outfit that is not only light but timeless because it is thermal. Each piece is manually made by local seamstresses. The fabric is pure "Comfort Cotton" made, and also certified by "Better Cotton Initiative". Read more.

Greenco Comfy is super-light because it is all made with natural cotton fibers that are located on the inside of the piece

The BCI Certification ensures any outfit with high-quality fabric and guaranteed durability. Cotton fibers, planted and grown according to rigid purity criteria.

One of the highlights of the fabric is its thermal condition, that is, it self-regulates according to the external weather.

Thermal therefore for anytime!

In the heat

In places where the temperature is high almost all year round, as in tropical regions, the comfy fits pretty well because it keeps stable the body temperature.

In the cold

Researches have shown that the little boy can be the right outfit also in very cold regions, where wearing many clothes at the same time was mandatory. The comfy allows reducing this uncomfortable custom. 

So this is why this fabric is so unique:


Comfy is made of a fabric that has 50% organic cotton and 50% polyester or viscose. Because of this purity, clothing needs special care to maintain its characteristics for a long time, without losing quality.


Furthermore, its softly of pure cotton yarns allow for super-light, cozy and snare fabric


The clothes adapt to any temperature. If too hot, it gets fresh in your body and if very cold, it heats you. This means that moisture properties keep sweat away from your body because cotton yarns can absorb up to 27 times their weight in water.


It can provide stretching and flexibility during special activities such as yoga, workout or during an invigorating jogging.

Bearable weight

Despite being heavier than a t-shirt and lighter than a sweatshirt, comfy can be worn virtually on any occasion, with or without other pieces.


Pure cotton yarns from the fabric prevent the accumulation of dust and other residues that may harm an allergic guy.

Greenco Comfy fits in any season as well as to do anything you want! 

    It's forever!

    Comfy is perfect for those who don't like to keep changing their wardrobe due to the season. It's timeless! Thus, try to have one and you might not regret it for good! 

    If you enjoyed it, don't waste your time and order a cozy Greenco comfy, because it will be an outfit for all times! Check it out.