Meet the 10 most sustainable countries!

The 10 most sustainable countries around the world do have something in common: their population has ecological consciousness! Environmental Education is a mandatory subject at all levels of school. To join this still closed cub, new paradigms have to be included in people's lives! 

One of the main requirements to be a sustainable country is having cutting-edge technology to do accurate surveillance of environmental rules!

A study conducted by Columbia University and Yale University developed an unprecedented classification system, which index measures the degree of sustainability of target countries. The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is supposed to annually measure, the ecological situation of 178 countries around the world, such as public and environmental policies regarding the protection of the ecosystem as well as local health care.

Other EPI indicators:

  • level of commitment to social freedom and equality

  • level of investments in environmental education

A senior researcher at Robeco Quantitative made his point: "The statistical analysis of the candidate countries helps us identify sustainability criteria, in addition to those financially more relevant. Thus, investment decisions become more detailed and give confidence to investors who will succeed in their endeavor!" 

Why is the United States out of the top 10 sustainable countries list?

The United States continues to owe tougher laws to reduce negative impacts on the environment. A bad example is its high demand for animal food. Average American meat consumption is one of the highest in the world. It is around 225.4g per day. Believe it or not!

Another factor that helps keep America away from the world's top 10 sustainable countries, is its high level of CO2 releasing to the atmosphere!

See the Top 10 sustainable countries in the world!

1 - Iceland

Icelanders have excelled in the world in environmental management. The country's sustainability performance initiatives are determined by Iceland's Ministry of Environment and Environmental Agency. The rate of diseases resulting from air pollution is almost zero. So the carbon footprint is controlled. Local policy is rigid with respect to climate change, pristine forests and wood reserve management. No wonder Iceland occupies the top of this list. The top of the top's score on EPI is 93.5.

2 - Switzerland

Switzerland's environmental policies have allowed them to create high-impact sustainability alternatives. One of its innovations is the so-called "Geothermal Plants", low-polluting energy sources that use the heat coming from the inside of the underground to supply the constant cold. Agriculture, for example, depends on melted snow from glaciers that turn pure water. The Swiss government has created programs to control the consumption of wood from its forests. The Swiss Federal Office of the Environment is the government agency that oversees this whole environmental issue in the country. Thanks to his rigor, the Swiss occupy second position in the EPI and its score is 89.1.

3 - Costa Rica

This beautiful country in Central America is famous because of the rainforests, among other natural beauties. With its dense rainforest and beautiful beaches, Costa Rica has become one of the most sustainable countries in the world. This sustainability is guaranteed by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Thanks to the dedication to preserving forestry, the country is in the heads of the EPI ranking, with a score of 86.4.

4 - Sweden

When the issue regards water management, environmental health, and forest management, this Scandinavian country stands out, remaining in the gallery of the top 10 sustainability! Did you know that the world's first recyclable products mall is in Sweden? ReTuna Recycling Galleria has 14 shops, an organic restaurant and conference spaces, and debates about the future of the environment. In addition to this location, Sweden is one of the pioneers of the "slow movement", which is worth highlighting in the ranking, with the score in the EPI, of 86.0.

5 - Norway

Norway is another Scandinavian country known for its natural beauties and its ecological responsibility. Its environmental policies are strict and severe penalties are imposed on those who transgress. Everything is controlled by the government body, Climate and Pollution Agency, under the tutelage of the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment. Well ranked, Norway is in fifth place, with 81.1 points on the EPI chart.

6 - Mauritius

These beautiful islands, which are situated near the coast of Madagascar, have stood out for their efficient environmental management, especially agriculture, forestry, and fishing. The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development is responsible for ecological measures of great impact on the islands. It includes a mandatory balanced diet in the population menu, a super-important factor in the ranking. In the EPI, Mauritius islands are scored with 80.6 points in the PPE.

7 - France

For sure you've used French perfume or drank those delicious French wines. But you certainly don't know that France is one of the pioneers of sustainability in the world! One example is mobility. There is a great government incentive to ride only sustainable bicycles. The country is famous for its traditional electric train, which replaced bus fleets in the late 1990s in cities such as Bordeaux and Lille. Feeding is another factor that weighed on the French classification. The menus are strictly organic and balanced because the legislation is strict with respect to their environmental and food policies. In the EPI, the French country scored 78.2.

8 - Austria

Austria is known because it is a country of great classical composers. But it is also famous because it is one of the most sustainable countries in the world! Despite being a small country and having a forest covering a space of 46% of its territory, the country manages a very rich sustainable agenda on ecological matters. Cut by the Danube and Inn rivers, Austria stands out for the conservation of its environmental reserves in these places. Federal Environment Agency keeps intact all-natural resources of forests and parks.

9 - Cuba

Surprised? Despite an authoritarian government, Cuba has stood out among the most sustainable countries on the planet. This condition maintains ever since the approval of "Law 33", which brings ecological requirements, to date respected. You can say whatever you want from Cuba unless the country doesn't protect its nature!

10 - Colombia

Alongside Brazil, Colombians are famous for producing the best coffee in the world. This production is famous for its sustainability methods that outweigh Brazil. Colombia has forests with the largest natural biodiversity on Earth. It only loses to the Amazon forests. Preserving the Colombian forest park is a sacred mission of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development of the country. That's why this effort puts Colombia in the top 10 of the sustainable world!

What a country needs to become a sustainable place:

  • Reduction of nuclear fuels

  • Forest protection tough laws

  • Decreasing carbon emissions

  • Banning of plastic bags

  • General usage of recycling materials

  • Water and sewage treatment

  • Encouraging the development of alternative energy sources

  • Abolishing plastic as raw material

  • Promoting effective sustainability policies, according to a generous release of funds from higher government bodies as well as from entrepreneurs¬†

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