10 worst food ingredients for your health!

10 worst food ingredients for your health!
This old citation is quite right, "we're what we eat"! That is, the functioning of our body is directly linked to the quality of the food we eat. A lot of people think they're eating good stuff, but when they go researching, they find out the sad truth. Get to know the 10 most dangerous ingredients for your health!

Those who want to live well and healthy should dig better into the ingredients that make their food!

That pleasure from time to time, will not harm you, but the problem is that momentary pleasure can turn into an addiction and this is the greatest danger!

So-called "junk food" is everywhere, whether it's in diners, restaurants, street vendors, and food trucks. No matter what it takes, but profit is the only concern to them.

The food may be tasty, but its contents, unknown to most, will wreak havoc. It is like a small flame that's going to turn into a fire, if not noticed.

Thus, one can literally say that it is vital to research before eating, in order to know what are the foods nutrients and substances.

According to Brazilian nutritionist Karen Oliveira: "Recent research in the area of Nutrigenomics (name of the area that studies nutrients and food substances that modulate our gene expression), found that food does not have the ability to modify our DNA, but can modulate its functioning in a positive or negative way."

It means that it is necessary to be super-attentive regarding the content, for example, of fast food, of the stuff you eat, mostly when you are in a hurry!

Still according to Nutritionist Karen: "This ability to modulate our gene expression stimulates the manufacture of post-inflammatory proteins of the mild and chronic inflammatory process, in which there is the addition of pain, which can trigger in chronic, non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases, silent diseases, compared with those of inflammatory processes, such as influenza, for example."  

Beware of the seduction of the foods that sell because of their false appearance!

List of 10 harmful ingredients and where they can be found:

1. Artificial sweeteners

"Fake sweeteners" can completely alter the arrangement of your body's intestinal bacteria. This change can result in obesity, diabetes, and a number of other diseases. On the food, labels may present as sweeteners, aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, isomaltase, saccharin, acesulfame, glycerol, lactitol, maltitol, and polydextrose.

Where they can found: in juices, soft drinks, yogurts, among others.

2. Acrylamide

Highly carcinogenic ingredient. It is a chemical element identified as a by-product of high temperature processed foods.

Where it can be found: in extremely hot foods such as fried potato chips.

3. Corn syrup with high fructose

This syrup is processed with extracted and refined corn sugar. One of its effects is the so-called metabolic syndrome, which contributes to the development of diabetes.

Where it can be found: in processed cereals, condiments, sweets, and sodas.

4. Artificial dyes

The colors, red, green, and blue are usually the most attractive for the kids. If they're unnatural dyes, run away from them. The elements used to generate these colors are associated with kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, and even brain tumor issues.

Where they can be found: in candies, jelly beans, chocolates, ice cream, and flavored and colorful drinks.

5. Brominated vegetable oil

Excessive consumption of this oil produces a harmful effect on the person's nervous system. The United States, through its regulatory agencies, has already banned the oil.

Where it can be found: in mineral salt replenishment drinks, or hydro electrolytic repositories. 

6. Butylated hydroxyanisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene

Those components are used to prevent the deterioration of certain meats. If ingested without any control, the carcinogenic process can be accelerated or even started.

Where it can be found: in lard, butter, instant mashed potatoes, canned meat, beer, bakery products, dessert blends, chewing gums, etc.

7. Sodium benzoate

If those ingredients are mixed with ascorbic acid or vitamin, they become carcinogenic. Side effects are associated with cases of hyperactivity, especially in children.

Where it can be found: in pickle preserves, salad dressings, juices, soft drinks, etc.

8. Monosodium glutamate

This ingredient can cause irreversible damage to the hypothalamus, generating strong resistance of the body to leptin. It is also related to inflammation of the liver.

Where it can be found: in seasonings, fast food, canned beans, Chinese food, frozen dishes, and in the products that are on supermarket shelves.

9. Potassium bromate

The ingredient has already been banned in Brazil, China, and Canada. That doesn't mean, of course, that it's not being used clandestinely. The ingredient may increase the chances of the person having kidney or thyroid cancer, depending on predisposition.

Where it can be found: in pizzas and frozen lasagna and in most bread used by junk food chains.

10. Sodium nitrate

This ingredient is generally used to preserve meat. Due to its uncontrolled use, the effect may be pancreatic cancer.

Where it can be found: in bacon, ham, sausages, hot dogs, soups, and canned broths.

Health is definitely the result of your choices that will point out the quality of the food you eat!

There is a kind of vicious circle that surrounds our food!

On one side there is the food industry. On the other side, there is the pharmaceutical industry. At the center of that loop are the consumers. If they eat junk food, sick they get. If they get sick, they go to the pharmacy.

A vicious cycle is made.

Who wins and who loses? The best advice is to hire professional support. Thus you shall have the best quality to schedule your diet.

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN

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