Meet the plantable cup embedded with seeds! Drink now, grow a tree later!

The plantable cup turns out to be a cup made with manufactured paper embedded with seeds of various types! It is another wonderful solution to diminish trash and, of course, make more trees on Earth! Grow this great idea!

Discarded cups make huge trash!  

Few people can imagine how huge is paper os plastic cup waste stream from regular consumers! 

In the USA, people generally discard over 146 billion cups from coffee consumption annually. This math is only for coffee! Can you imagine how many paper and plastic cups are used for other purposes and discarded on a daily basis?

Recycling could be another good deed, but the paper itself within these products can only be reused 2-3x before the fibers are unusable and discarded into local landfills without consumer's knowledge.

So we were given an ultimate invention!

After consuming the drink, whatever it may be, the plantable cup is crumpled. Instead of going to waste, it is planted. 

They are embedded with seeds and therefore, shall turn into a beautiful tree of figs, guava, avocado and so on! 

Cups decomposing time:

  • Plantable cup: 36 months

  • Plastic cup: 500 years

The plantable cup is a sustainable idea to stop plastic!

Basic instructions to grow a plantable cup:

  1. Water cup bottom 

  2. Bend or fold the glass

  3. Plant your cup with bottom-up

  4. Cover it with at least 1 cm of ground

  5. Water it daily

Note: If you plant in a vase, no matter how big it is, it's recommended to replant your cup in a larger place, after 4 or 5 months.

Regular cups produce 35 grams of CO2 which is liberated to the atmosphere. Since the plantable cup makes at least one tree grow, it will indirectly extract a ton of CO2 in more than 40 years. 

The plantable cup, if not planted and thrown away, of course, might become composting, evolving into natural material in 180 days.

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