Meet the smart bikes: a new generation of bicycles. Yes, the future is now!

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Bikes are still modern, sustainable, and important for the physical and mental health of their riders. Even though bikes are centuries old, they are always modern. E-bikes controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) are a reality. Read more and get to know how smart they became! 

The intelligent bike can control your pedaling pace according to your biotype. No matter how old you are!

Smart e-Bikes are self-driving! They are fitted with the latest AI technology which allows them to learn “like a human”. In other words, bicycles are still the best transportation ever!

The first smart bike 

The very first remote control and self-balancing bicycle were developed by students at the Automation Experimental Teaching Center of Tsinghua University in Beijing. It was the first major innovation in the history of the bicycle since the early 1800s.

2 functions a smart bike can do:

  1. Can simultaneously track and identify moving targets and avoid obstacles, cross speed bumps, maintain balance, follow voice commands and move in the correct direction. These calculations can be made much faster than traditional methods. 

  2. Can hold precise information on its dynamics, and algorithms that may infer the commands to replace mechanical sensors. For example, by measuring the amount of power the rider applies to the pedals,  through the AI controller. Even if the mechanical gearbox and display are removed, it still can provide perfect assistance.

3 AI-controlled e-Bike models


It has a system that reinforces the security that is guaranteed by front and rear sensors and cameras. It can connect to nearby cars via Bluetooth. The monitoring is done by central and satellite monitoring. The e-Bike's motto says itself: "We are moving towards transformative smart active mobility, that is safer, more fun, and sustainable!"



Using a turn signal indicator this smart bike can offer a smart device that allows cyclists to indicate their intention without having to take their hands off the handlebar. In other words, by only using their fingers, they will eliminate or decrease the use of hand signals, thus preventing stress on the road.



The panel is located on the handlebar and alerts the cyclist to imminent dangers such as unexpected objects on the path or problems on the road. It is possible because two cameras are installed on the front and rear of the e-Bike preventing imminent danger situations through signals and visual notifications directly to the rider's cell phone. Its app uses Tesla-style computer vision to scan for hazards and alert you in real-time. 

According to eBikeLabs, "Beyond an effective AI, an innovative and evolutive platform with tools allow you to customize your ride feeling in a fully autonomous environment. So you can define your own parameters for a unique ride." 

Why bicycles are so vital for people and the planet?

No matter the category or how modern the bike is, it's the best among any transportation!

According to a study done by the Transportation Research and Education Center at Portland State University, "the average CO2 emission rate in a city can drop by 11-15% if most people prefer riding bikes instead of cars. Furthermore, there will be a significant reduction in traffic jams and accidents, lowering the death rate of the population and, of course, generating savings for the state." 

Why riding any kind of bike is the best call

Whether you have a traditional bicycle or a smart bike you will contribute to your planet's sustainability because it may be possible to:

  1. Reduce carbon emissions - If you bike to work just one day a week, you are reducing your carbon footprint.
  2. Decrease the need for more roads - The more bikes circulating, the less need for new roads. It means no need to promote more deforestations to do so.
  3. Reduce landfill waste - Even though there are recyclable car pieces, the number of waste going to landfills is still growing. More bikes mean less damaged cars and so fewer landfills full of waste. 
  4. Preserve lives of animals and birds - Every year, In the US more than 100 million birds and wild animals are killed by cars on the highways. Traveling by bicycle reduces their risk of being killed when crossing the road.


Bicycles, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones, are the best solution due to many reasons, such as, to keep the planet sustainable and to keep your physical and mental health at a high level. Everyone wins here and the Earth gets another chance to survive! 

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN