Organic and natural cosmetics shake the beauty market!

Organic and natural cosmetics shake the beauty market!

It’s no longer surprising that the organic skincare beauty market has exploded! As a result, hundreds of new cosmetic companies have formed to meet this new demand for safe, natural and organic beauty products. So it is not only beauty at stake. Far more than that! This is an excellent opportunity to help nature! 

On a daily basis, a woman who cares about her beauty uses about 100 chemicals on her skin!

Since skin is the human body's largest organ, you may figure out how important it is as well as the huge amount of chemicals it absorbs per day!

All cosmetics types differences

  • Natural cosmetics: Very few people are willing to expose themselves to the obscure masses of synthetic ingredients that make up today's conventional cosmetics.  Cosmetics that claim to be natural are basically made from plants. They are supposed to be natural despite there is no regulation to prove if they are really natural. Thus you have no guarantee until you read the composition after deep and reliable research.

  • Organic Cosmetics: "Organic” is a word regulated by the FDA. So, don't worry because you can rely on a simple logo if you have no time to go through the ingredients list. Organic cosmetics are pesticides free, petroleum fertilizers free, and not genetically modified. 

  • Cruelty free cosmetics: If your main concern is not the origin of the ingredients but wether the cosmetics you bought are made after being tested in animals, you should consider cruelty free cosmetics. They must be guaranteed by certifications, such as the Leaping Bunny

  • Vegan cosmetics: Cosmetics with vegan tags, doesn't necessarily mean that they are not tested on animals. Either way, find out before buying those.
  • Biocosmetics: They have the same benefits as the organic ones but it may imply that their compounds come from bio farms. Meaning that they care for soils and have no chemicals at all..

5 organic and natural cosmetics benefits:

  1. Nourishes the skin: with magnesium, calcium, mica and zinc oxide. Not to mention other botanical ingredients, such as rosemary extract oil and green tea, that will calm down and protect your skin.
  2. Protects the skin from the sun: three main ingredients are found in mineral makeup. They are titanium, zinc oxide, and iron oxide. They offer great protection against sun damage and slow premature aging. Better yet: reduce the risk of skin cancer!
  3. Protects upcoming generations: the amount of chemicals found in skin cleansing products is large. Therefore, they are associated with birth defects. Therefore there are brands already condemned by the USDA (United States Organic Consumers Association), an American organization that regulates the consumption of organic products consumed by people. A high level of phthalate (a chemical component used as a plasticizer in joints, etc) was discovered. This ingredient may be found in perfumes, shampoos, cosmetics, and enamels.
  4. Healing and prevents skin diseases: both women and men use a wide variety of cosmetics on the face. Noteworthy are toners, serums, moisturizers, primer, tanning, corrective, etc. They're all toxic to the skin. With natural and organic cosmetics, the rate of skin diseases will drastically decrease!
  5. Prevents early aging: minerals found on natural and organic cosmetics, make your skin endures longer than those treated with conventional cosmetics which are more toxic, and tend to obstruct pores, causing yellowish, wrinkled and stained skin. Plant-derived ingredients help increase collagen production and stimulate cell renewal efficiently. 
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