Our forests are burning! So let's protect our forests! Earth needs to breathe!

The international forest day is celebrated on March 21. So what? Forests continue to be punished mercilessly! Criminal fires, illegal logging and so on. Poor surveillance encourages criminals! Can we do something to protect our forests? Yes, we can! 

Meet the Biomes, the heart of the forests! 

A biome is a community of plants and animals that have common characteristics for the environment they exist in. They can be found over a range of continents. They are distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate as well. 

Biomes are also defined according to abiotic factors such as temperature, climate, geology, soils, and vegetation. You may find many units of ecosystems within one biome.

In other words, the biome is composed of organisms of fauna and flora, such as humid tropical forests, tundras, savannas, arctic deserts, rain forests, subtropical or temperate forests, aquatic biomes such as coral reefs, ocean zones, beaches, and Dunes. Worldwide biomes play an important social and economic role!

North American Biomes:

  • Arctic & Alpine Tundra. Coniferous Forest (Taiga) 
  • Tundra Biome. Alpine tundra in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
  • Coniferous Forest Biome
  • Prairie Biome
  • Deciduous Forest Biome
  • Desert Biome
  • Tropical Rain Forest Biome
  • Urban Sprawl

Deforestation is a current issue that worries the whole world!


Deforestation happens due to so-called "itinerant agriculture", which devours important green spaces to the ecosystem. This phenomenon results in openings of forest sites, which become the gateway for farmers to use as access and unloading lanes.

Trees, one of the victims of deforestation, are also cut without any control or respect!

We need the trees because they are related to the absorption of carbon dioxide, soil protection, climate stability, besides supplying raw material for the manufacturing of several products!

A tree consumes carbon dioxide, purifying the atmosphere, reducing the carbon footprint! In this capture of the pollution of the atmosphere, metals present in contaminated air, such as lead and iron, are eliminated.

The outcome is a substantial improvement in the health quality of the urban and, of course, the local population. This wonderful being of the forest still manages to enrich the soil, where the fungi and bacteria that play a significant role in the balance of nutrients live!

5 attitudes you to must take to help protect forests:

  1. Use products made only with reforestation wood, identified with a seal or certificate;

  2. Watch your local park or forest and prevent people who throw garbage, smoke and pack forest parks; 

  3. Give preference to the use of recyclable papers;

  4. Avoid fishing in breeding seasons and do the same with regard to hunting;

  5. Never buy wild animals without registration. In addition to the cruelty exposed, this attitude gives strength to the illegal trafficking of animals!

Make Earth happy helping preserve its fauna and flora!

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