Phytocosmetics: a process that links beauty with nature!

The best solutions for people's full well-being are just nearby: in Nature. Phytocosmetics turns out to be cosmetics made from so-called medicinal plants that have therapeutic properties and other benefits for the body.

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Phytocosmetics and Biomimicry are from the same team

Phytocosmetics is directly related to Biomimicry because nature is also its source.

According to Karla Constâncio, Pharmacist and President of K Constâncio, reassures when she says: "The principle of Biomimicry lies in the following question: what would nature do to solve human problems? Phytocosmetics also starts from this very question. Thus, we can figure out that there is a natural, scientifically-based solution for body skin issues" 

These plants are cultivated for their processing into extracts, essential oils, vegetable oils, and kinds of butter that are sources for obtaining fatty acids, esters, and fatty alcohols, which become emulsifiers, emollients, and moisturizers. 

The trend is that "green cosmetics" replace conventional cosmetics, which have formulations with a predominance of mineral and animal derivatives. 

Beauty and hygiene: intimate to nature since ancient times!

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Natural beauty products are not a trend of present times! It's indeed an old practice!

In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was not only powerful, but she carried for her vanity as well. For this reason, she gave a lot of strength to research in the field of cosmetics. It was during her reign that a famous beauty guide was launched: "Cleopatre Gynoecirium Libri", with tips on hygiene care and treatment of skin diseases based on colored ointments and liniments extracted from plants. 

In Mesopotamia, sacred plants, actually medicinal, were used in the production of ointments and balms, for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. 

In China and India, the large incidence of aromatic plants has put both countries at the top of the list of essential oil exporters since that time. 

In Ancient Greece, a guide was launched which, as in Egypt, was very successful in the area of beauty. In the guide, "The Cosmetics of Ovid", several recipes for ointments with plant active ingredients can be found.  

Phytosterol is a type of molecule found in plant-based foods.

The phytosterol molecule has a structure similar to that of cholesterol. The advantage is that, differently, the substance, when absorbed by the body, reduces the levels of fat in the blood, and is therefore important in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. 

This substance, when processed into plant extracts, protects the skin and cell membranes from the action of environmental agents such as pollution, climate variations, and UV rays.

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5 plant species that act as the active ingredient of phytocosmetics:

1 - Rosemary

Feature: antiseptic and circulatory stimulant.

Active ingredient: combats stretch marks and seborrheic dermatitis.

2 - Marigold

Feature: anti-inflammatory and antifungal.

Active ingredient: accelerates healing and hydration, especially in the treatment of sunburn, diaper rash, and wrinkles. 

3 - Camomile

Feature: anti-inflammatory.

Active ingredient: better fixes the lightening of the hair. For relaxation of facial muscles, toning the skin, reducing dark circles under the eyes and eyelid bags.

4 - Curry grass

Feature: anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory.

Active ingredient: accelerates healing and skin regeneration, and is widely used in bedsores, acne, and rosacea.

5 - Sage

Feature: antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. 

Active ingredient: increases hair shine, has the function of facial makeup remover and is indicated for the treatment of aging skin, oily skin, and acne.

Characteristics that differentiate the PHYTOCOSMETICS from the PHYTOTHERAPIC MEDICINE

  • They do not contain substances derived from animal organs.

  • Their extracts were obtained from biologically cultivated or spontaneously collected plants, far from direct sources of pollution.

  • They contain all the active ingredients of the plant used, rather than the single active ingredient alone (which could also make it difficult to identify their origin).

  • They contain the strictly necessary amount of conservant so cosmetics can preserve their properties for a longer time.

According to mystics, this empathy with nature is essential for physical and mental well-being. It is a real connection with the Universe!

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