Plant a tree when a baby is born: idea that should flourish!

Trees have a noble duty on Earth: they are "air purifiers"! Lately, they have been banned from the planet, due to deforestation and wildfires seasons. Thus, it's about time to help them out! Luckily, we have some creative people around us!  

For every newborn, Earth is given a gift: a new tree!

Planting a tree means that you are contributing to purify Earth's air, through to "evapotranspiration"!

In fact, it is a process by which water is transferred from the land to the atmosphere by evaporation from the soil and other surfaces and by transpiration from trees. It does not prevent erosion.

As the droughts are longer in dry times, the volume of water of rivers decreases. So, the more planted trees, the shorter dry periods. Simples as it is!

The idea that started in Switzerland!

It 2002, people from Lausanne, Switzerland, had this formidable idea of planting a tree for each born baby broke. In Brussels, Belgium, the "Baby Boom" program has definitely flourished spreading to other countries. On the other hand, vegetables do not stop pollution!

As a matter of fact, vegetables absorb CO2 through the photosynthetic process and release O2. Still, plants also need to breathe and like most living species, absorb O2 and release CO2. 

Photosynthesis and breathing, therefore, are opposite processes, since the phenomenon occurs during the day, but the breathing occurs during day and night! That's the point!

To subscribe the "Baby Boom" program parents do need to: 

  • Register the baby who just was born

  • Receive the certificate that shows a tree has been planted with the child's name

  • Choose the most attractive - and allowed - place, to plant your future tree

Due to the "Baby Boom" program success, in Brussels, the annual average of birth increased to 3,000 births, which means a significant reduction in the carbon footprint! Get it?

2 rules to plant a tree:

1 - Hotspot

Rulers pinpoint proper spots to plant a tree. It must be only in inspected and approved areas by the authorities.

2 - Prerequisites

Urbanism and afforestation standards are also observed, such as no sidewalks destruction, streets, power transmission networks, water ducts, and sewages.

This idea is spreading around Earth! Good for everyone!

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