Reconnect and heal yourself with nature vibes!

The idea that immersion in nature has a healing effect on people is not a myth or fairy tale. It is real! It is scientifically proven that the smell of the forest, a tree hug, and the contact with running water, are super-beneficial for physical and mental health! Keep on reading to reconnect yourself.

Ecotherapy is the name or the practice that helps you to reconnect with nature!

If you heal yourself without any the usage of any medicine, just get closer to nature! Hence you might reestablish a powerful link with its elements. While immersed with nature, you shall feel its healing powers. 

"The energetic recharge of groundwater, the recycling of soil nutrients, the cleansing of rainwater, and the sounds of the forest help to reconnect the human soul to the soul of nature!"

In other words, this direct contact with the environment recomposes a link that was broken when people start living the countryside to urban centers. From then on, mankind's lifestyle began to fall apart. Away from nature, new diseases start to popup. The reality now is only haste and pressure.

Peaceful times are over! But can be back!

Scientific researches have been empirically proved that the closer you are to nature the less illness you get. So it's up to you. Just pass your time more often along with nature!

Allopathic treatment does not always fully cure a sick person. Allopathy attacks the ends and omits the means that, in fact, could be the real cause of the anomaly, whether of organic or mental background.

If the cure is not plenty, the patient chooses for "Naturopathy" that offers other alternative treatments, such as:

  • Phytotherapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Homeopathy

  • Nutritional advice

  • Aromatherapy

  • Chromotherapy

  • Traditional meditation or mindfulness

  • Detoxification, etc.

Direct contact with nature is the best medicine!

Walking in wooded places, on trails, in the mountains, near rivers, lakes or sea, reduces inflammatory cytokines and revitalizes the immune system, also reducing the predisposition to unfathomable sensations such as anxiety, stress, panic or irritability.

Results of several studies show that nature actually heals:

  • A team of volunteers spent 3 full days (72 hours) in a place full of trees. It was found that their immune system functions increased for up to 7 days, different from the same time spent by volunteers who were camped in a public square.
  • The results of the blood tests developed by Nippon Medical School in Japan on two teams of volunteers showed a significant difference in their physiological factors. Those who walked in the forest had an important increase in the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (responsible for the prevention of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes) and adiponectin (that helps to prevent atherosclerosis). Meanwhile, those who walked by the streets had no alteration on their blood test results.
  • Research done with mice has detected that the bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae, abundant in forest and mountainous areas, helps boost the immune system in preventing severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and other chronic immune dysfunctions.
  • Harvard University has revealed, after studies with country and city children. Those who have little contact with nature do not develop adequate immune functions to protect them as they age. This has to change, because, still according to the research, we spend more than 90% of our time, holed up in enclosed spaces.

This kind of "mandatory lockdown" (mainly nowadays, by the way), makes the person develop a new disease: the so-called "Nature Deficit Disorder", a concept created by the American writer Richard Louv, author of the book "The Last Child in Nature":

"Due to the Internet era, in addition to online video games, among others, Western societies became even more immersed in these technologies, distancing themselves from nature."

Roger Ulrich, a researcher, showed being distant from nature is definitely not good for anyone. He found that the psychic state of an individual who spends more time between walls is different from those who live exposed to nature.

In fact, it is easy to verify this thesis: just do some research on the average lifetime of a guy who lives in the countryside, compared to the guy who lives in the city. 

5 cool tips for reconnecting with nature:

  1. Walking, breathing deeply

  2. Smell the scent of trees and flowers

  3. Do a physical exercise between the trees

  4. Look up at the sky and observe the birds and insects, listening to their sounds

  5. Stop to relax, leaning back on a tree to take a quick nap or to read a book, listening to good music

You can be sure of one thing: your vibe will get stronger after you strongly hold one of the greatest friends of nature!

Be a treehugger!

Hugging a tree is a pure quantum experience, i.e. an authentic energy transmutation!

Surely you were told that, in its core, every atom vibrates intensely. Because all objects have atoms, they vibrate at different frequencies. In the case of trees, these vibrations are highly beneficial!

Trees have unique and natural vibrational patterns that can alter human emotions, as well as biological functions for the better, after prolonged contact, such a hug, for example.

Hugging also increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, responsible for tranquility state!

In other words, the so-called "peace profound" can be sensed after frequent contact with nature. Life is better when that happens! So think about it if you are jailed inside your house or workplace!

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