RETRO GREENCO: 10 tips for a sustainable living in 2023 (10)

What does ‘being sustainable’ mean? The concept is full of meanings, but its essence is unique: living with balance so that the environment is less harmed. If everyone has this kind of awareness, shall have the perfect splendid year of 2023 in every way.

Thus, you are going to read next the best posts on sustainability published in this blog over more than three years. And guess what? From now on, you shall get to know much better about SUSTAINABILITY.

1 - 10 threats marine biome is suffering due to human action

The marine biome remains under threat because of human irresponsibility. These are threats such as poaching, pollution, and changes in the sea floor due to surface instabilities. Learn about the 10 worst threats that the ocean world has been suffering. Save your planet!

2 - 10 tips for places on the planet with the best vegan food

With the rise of the Internet, you can order the food of your choice without leaving home. Nevertheless, some people prefer to go to a restaurant to enjoy their favorite meal. Others prefer to eat their food locally by visiting places abroad to taste different vegan cuisines. Get to know ten of these places.

3 - 10 tips for you to build your capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is one of the best ideas that every conscious minimalist adopts. It is surely a creative way to have several models of clothes using only a few pieces. It also shows you the amazing "power of synthesis". Read more and find out 10 cool tips to build your compact closet. 

4 - Conscious consumerism: join the club!

Conscious consumerism is a social movement that has a principle based on the consumer's awareness of purchasing decisions. That is, before buying anything, an ecological responsibility takes place as well as any other important information about the product. If you want to help yourself and the planet, join this club! 

5 - If you are willing to dress cruelty-free, choose only genuine vegan clothing brand!

Vegan clothing is not harvested or tested on animals. People choose to wear it for a variety of reasons: as a protest against the unethical production, to be more eco-friendly with their wardrobe, or as a lifestyle choice. Keep on reading and reinforce your argument to join this fair movement!

6 - Our forests are burning! So let's protect our forests! Earth needs to breathe!

The international forest day is celebrated on March 21. So what? Forests continue to be punished mercilessly! Criminal fires, illegal logging and so on. Poor surveillance encourages criminals! Can we do something to protect our forests? Yes, we can! 

7 - World Oceans Day, a date to remind that plastic must be banned!

World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on the 8th of June. It is a date to remind everyone that the ocean's marine biome is dying due to the worst predator: the plastic! Plastic turns out to be its biggest threat! What can we do to stop this?

8 - Are you really aware about hemp t-shirt benefits?

Conscious people want to do good for the planet and go hand in hand with sustainable fashion. This means wearing a fine organic product is a great solution. The hemp t-shirt is that solution! So why not switch to hemp-made t-shirts? Get to know more!

9 - Have you ever heard of seed tag? It brings new surprises for you!

Companies committed to the environment always find alternatives to strengthen people's connection with nature and reduce impacts on the environment, helping to rebalance sustainability. The seed tag label is another cool idea that should be followed. The planet needs it. 

10 - Support bookstores and libraries! Knowledge needs more space!

Reading has become a rare habit nowadays. The pandemic did contribute to the complete emptying of bookstores and libraries. Reading a book means knowing other different worlds, other cultures, other behaviors, and even yourself. Those places need to be reinvented for the sake of knowledge. 

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By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN