RETRO GREENCO: 10 tips for a sustainable living in 2023 (3)

What does ‘being sustainable’ mean? The concept is full of meanings, but its essence is unique: living with balance so that the environment is less harmed. If everyone has this kind of awareness, shall have the perfect splendid year of 2023 in every way.

Thus, you are going to read next the best posts on sustainability published in this blog over more than three years. And guess what? From now on, you shall get to know much better about SUSTAINABILITY.

1 - Solar energy: clean energy, yet not accessible to all!

Solar energy can be converted into thermal or electrical energy. It's a clean and fully renewable energy, as well as available! Despite this abundance, solar energy is still not accessible to most of the population due to many reasons! How to solve this issue?

2 - Biogas is another alternative to reuse organic waste!

Biogas is the energy produced by the gas released during the decomposition of organic waste. This is another super-timely natural alternative for electricity generation! Thus, biogas helps cleaning the air as well as to reducing diseases due to the landfill's waste volume reduction!

3 - Forget greenhouse gas! A new device has been developed to remove it!

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new technology to capture carbon dioxide (CO2), aka greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere! It's mind-blowing!

4 - Consuming fruits is a great deal! When is the best season to do so?

Many people prefer eating fruits mostly on their specific season. It is certainly the best choice since fresher fruits taste better, and have higher nutritional content than the out-of-season fruits!

5 - The electric aircraft will soon take off! Fasten your seat belts!

Following the electric car, the electric aircraft will be another alternative to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and other advantages as well. Moreover, it may be the one step before launching the flying car. It is indeed the future happening! A real boost to aviation!

6 - Learn more about natural dyes! Good for health and the environment!

The colors are responsible to enhance beauty on products and make them even more attractive. Synthetic dyes are employed for that purpose, but they are being replaced by natural dyes, both in food and cosmetics, not harmful to health, nor the environment. Read more.

7 - Biophilia in architecture: reconnecting mankind with nature!

Big cities are, generally cold because their inhabitants have distanced themselves from nature. But now everyone is seeing that reconnecting with nature can be vital. Biophilia in architecture creates natural environments that increase people's quality of life. Learn more about this life-changing subject!

8 - Meet the 10 worst food ingredients for your health!

This old citation is quite right, "we're what we eat"! That is, the functioning of our body is directly linked to the quality of the food we eat. A lot of people think they're eating good stuff, but when they go researching, they find out the sad truth. Get to know the 10 most dangerous ingredients for your health!

9 - Meet 5 myths about vegetarianism and decide for yourself!

Although we are living in the information era, vegetarianism is still mocked from people who ignore it because don't enjoy researching or because the competition feels bothered due to its growth worldwide. Therefore, it is a good time to debunk the myths that still persist. The final decision will always be yours!

10 - Sustainable school: when environmental education is the main subject!

The sustainable school makes environmental education the leading subject in order to connect educators with relevant resources, interactive lessons, and a like-minded community on increasing participation and improving problem-solving and critical thinking skills now and to future generations. Read more. 

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN