RETRO GREENCO: 10 tips for a sustainable living in 2023 (5)

What does ‘being sustainable’ mean? The concept is full of meanings, but its essence is unique: living with balance so that the environment is less harmed. If everyone has this kind of awareness, shall have the perfect splendid year of 2023 in every way.

Thus, you are going to read next the best posts on sustainability published in this blog over more than three years. And guess what? From now on, you shall get to know much better about SUSTAINABILITY.

1 - Vegan leather: the solution that protects the environment and the animals

The degradation of the environment and its impacts is one of the major concerns that currently happen. This situation worsens, even more, when there are cruelty and killing of animals for consumption. Vegan leather will change this gloomy outlook. Read on to learn more.

2 - Skin microbiota: fundamental to skin physiology and immunity!

Remember always that your skin is a complex ecosystem that is inhabited by bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses. These microbes altogether are commonly known as skin microbiota. They are vital to skin physiology and immunity. Read more and get to know better how to improve and keep your skin healthy!

3 - High-tech and new sustainable sources shake the slow fashion market!

The clothes of the future are closer than you think! And together, new sustainable sources for fabric production emerge. Keep on reading to stay tuned to this great news!

4 - Biomimicry: putting nature’s lessons into practice

Biomimicry offers "choices" to human engineering models tested by nature that took millions of years to understand what works best and what doesn't. Meet some of these projects that have been successfully copied!

5 - Myths and facts about chocolate, the nectar of the Gods

Those allergic to chocolate and those who do not like it, certainly may not agree with the title. Even though chocolate that comes from cocoa is massively consumed worldwide. Therefore, there are truths and lies around it. Read more and find out what they are.

6 - Fashion Revolution: a movement to empower attitudes and change the world

Fashion Revolution has become one of the world's greatest symbols of fashion activism, mobilizing citizens, industry, and policymakers through fairs, workshops, conferences, and campaigns on issues involving sustainability and ethical and sustainable fashion.

7 - Styrofoam is not that good for nature and people

Although people realize that Styrofoam is a good deal because it preserves food, medicine, and many other benefits, few know how detrimental it is for the environment. Find out the impact Styrofoam has on the planet as well on human health.

8 - Space junk recycling: the best idea to save money and avoid disasters

Recently, the remains of a Chinese rocket fell into the Indian Ocean. It could be worse. What if it was in a populated region? The best way to prevent such a tragedy would be the space junk recycling. Read more. 

9 - Carbon credits: a great idea to reduce carbon footprint!

Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions in Earth's atmosphere are known as "carbon footprint". They have bad impacts on the environment. On the other hand, good ideas have been brought to diminish the harm. One of them is surely the carbon credits. Read more.

10 - Find out why quantum music is going to bust out!

Music, as the lyricist used to say, is a universal language. It has the power to stir emotions and change patterns. But quantum music is capable of much more. It can modify DNA and revitalize cells. Do you believe in this? Read on.