RETRO GREENCO: 10 tips for a sustainable living in 2023 (6)

What does ‘being sustainable’ mean? The concept is full of meanings, but its essence is unique: living with balance so that the environment is less harmed. If everyone has this kind of awareness, shall have the perfect splendid year of 2023 in every way.

Thus, you are going to read next the best posts on sustainability published in this blog over more than three years. And guess what? From now on, you shall get to know much better about SUSTAINABILITY.

1 - The history of clothing that changed the history of the world

The history of clothing is intertwined with the history of mankind. An outfit is considered sort of a second skin for people, such as its strong connection with the body. New discoveries have been found about the origins of clothing. Read more.

2 - Co-living: shared housing in the Digital Age!

Co-living is a concept of shared living, where there is an integration of conscious people who share the same space, exchanging experiences and respecting nature. 

3 - Specialized ship recycling saves lives and preserves the marine ecosystem

Today's ship recycling still needs more specialization, as it remains precarious in certain regions. This puts the marine environment and the lives of the people involved at risk. Get to know why this segment must be treated with more responsibility.   

4 - 13 foods that can lower and regulate your blood sugar

Excess sugar in the blood is an open door to diseases, such as diabetes, for example. A diet supplemented with foods that help balance blood sugar control might be a good start. Read more and get to know about the secrets of a healthy diet.

5 - Synthetic biology: natural transformation for the benefit of mankind and the environment

By reconfiguring DNA from different sources, it is possible to replicate and optimize a given organism. This is the essence of synthetic biology, a new science that can change patterns and make life better in many segments.

6 - Green technology: plugging into smart tools that can fix this planet!

Green technology is the latest generation set of intelligent tools that helps reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Get plugged and get to know how this works. Afterward, download some applications here. 

7 - Sustainable fabrics preserve the environment and the work of farming communities

The conscious fashion industry offers products made with sustainable fabrics. Its production helps reduce the negative impacts suffered by the environment and helps communities that produce their sustenance. Read more. 

8 - Can space tourism be harmful to Earth's environment? Or not?

Space tourism has just begun. Companies such as Space X, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic ushered in this new space era. Nonetheless, there is no good news about this new mankind's experience. Rockets launches may harm Earth's environment even more! What can be done to postpone space tourism? Is it at the wrong time? Read on. 

9 - Methane is a dangerous gas that must be better controlled!

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, which traps 86 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2). It is also the primary contributor to the formation of ground-level ozone. How can methane emissions be better controlled to lower environmental issues? Read more.

10 - B Corp Certification: high standards of accountability, and transparency!

Companies worldwide certified with the B Corp Certification are leaders in the global movement aiming for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. Greenco turns out to be one of those unique companies. Read more. 

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN