RETRO GREENCO: 10 tips for a sustainable living in 2023 (7)

What does ‘being sustainable’ mean? The concept is full of meanings, but its essence is unique: living with balance so that the environment is less harmed. If everyone has this kind of awareness, shall have the perfect splendid year of 2023 in every way.

Thus, you are going to read next the best posts on sustainability published in this blog over more than three years. And guess what? From now on, you shall get to know much better about SUSTAINABILITY.

1 - Sustainable intelligence: preserving people and the environment with creativity

Good causes, like movements and any new tools that help to minimize the environment’s aggression mainly due to humans actions, are known as sustainable intelligence. Make yourself useful, use your creativeness and join the cause! Read more. 

2 - Sustainable plastic alternatives can drastically reduce damage to the environment!

Regardless of exhaustive campaigns to convince people to avoid the use of regular plastic, it is still available worldwide. So it's about time to ban plastic from the face of the Earth and replace it with so-called sustainable plastic. Read more.  

3 - The magical world of medicinal herbs is in danger! Nature needs help!

Medicinal herbs are magic. They heal, body and mind. Unluckily humans don’t care. They ignore it and keep destroying the forests by smuggling rare plants to make easy money. Side effects are multiple, like plant extinction. Drastic measures have to be taken now. Read more and learn how you can help nature.

4 - Fungi communicate with humans. Revolution in the environment?

Fungi emit intelligent electrical signals. This discovery can change many concepts about sustainability and how humans should treat the environment. Can you imagine a guy receiving tips directly from a being of nature? This revolution may happen sooner than expected. Read more.

5 - Earthing: connecting with nature for the healing of your diseases!

Going barefoot on the ground or grass represents more than a lifestyle. Stepping on the ground can heal. That's right! This phenomenon is known as "Earthing", an "electromagnetic exchange" between the human body and the Earth. So, an old human habit revives. Read more and connect with nature.

6 - Meet the smart bikes: a new generation of bicycles. Yes, the future is now!

Bikes are still modern, sustainable, and important for the physical and mental health of their riders. Even though bikes are centuries old, they are always modern. E-bikes controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence) are a reality. Read more and get to know how smart they became! 

7 - 10 indispensable pieces of advice you need to know before doing sustainable tourism

Environmental education is a must for anyone who wants to practice sustainable tourism. Small gestures can be great examples if you have environmental education wherever you are visiting. Read more and memorize the 10 pieces of advice to be a conscious tourist. 

8 - Garage sale: a positive impact on the environment!

A garage sale is a way to keep circular practices by providing opportunities for those most vulnerable by selling old stuff you no longer want to keep. Thus, you are either showing that the circular economy is both cost-effective and better for the planet. Read more and spread this conscious idea.

9 - Reconnect yourself with the Universe and get to know 10 Yoga benefits

Yoga is a practice “inspired” 5,000 years ago. Its primary purpose is to improve physical and mental health for people of all ages. Yoga can even help when you have other diseases as being an additional part of the treatment. Check out Yoga’s 10 most important benefits and reconnect yourself with the Universe!

10 - 10 scientifically proven benefits of coffee

Most people in the world enjoy a cup of coffee, no matter what time or how it is served: sweet, bitter, hot, or cold. Even better, coffee provides many benefits. Find 10 of those benefits. First of all, make some good coffee. Sit down and start reading because the love is in the air!