Meet the revolutionary ideas of the ecofeminism!

Ecofeminism is a pretty old movement, but still not very much known by people, especially women. Actually, feminism and ecofeminism, have in common a similar philosophical principle. Read more.

Ecofeminism is meant to be a strong women's bond with the environment!

The ecofeminism aim is to demand respect for women's rights, as well as to social justice and natures! The movement sees a connection between the exploitation and degradation of the natural world and the subordination and oppression of women. 


Ecofeminism emerged in the mid-1970s alongside second-wave feminism and the green movement. It popped up in France by French ecological feminism. The term was coined by Françoise d'Eaubonne. 
Brazilian ecofeminist, Daniela Rosendo states that "Feminism is a plural movement because there are other currents of liberal feminism, such as Marxism, socialist feminism, ecofeminist, etc.. Each points out a way in which the continuous and systematic domination of women by men is due because of sexism..."


The still going devaluation of women at work can be seen as a reflection of an oppressive conceptual structure.

Women are still seen on the "bottom" side, with less value and privilege, subject to the power exercised by men. Likewise, it happens to the environment, poor people and nature as a whole!

Karen Warren, an American ecofeminist philosopher, points out that "From the implications of the ecofeminist movement, political actions have led to political actions that have become expressions in the arts. The greatest reflexes were in literature, language, science, and technology, with an emphasis on philosophy, religion, and non-governmental organizations.".

2 ecofeminists who fight hard for the cause:

  • Indian Vandana Shiva is one of the most important names of the ecofeminism movement. With a brilliant career, she has written many books and is a worldwide known activist. One of her main worries regards agriculture issues on pesticides and how it's bad for heathy and environment.¬†
  • Charlene Spretnak is another fearless ecofeminist activist. She's created the American Green Party and wrote many books. Her philosophy relates modern art to feminism/spirituality, which is present in some of the ecofeminism lines of thought.

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