September, when fashion discloses new trends. Why is it a turning point? Meet five reasons to find out

September, when fashion discloses new trends. Why is it a turning point? Meet five reasons to find out
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For fashion agencies and brands, September is the most important month of the year, because it is when new releases and new trends are launched. For people, fashion has to do with well-being.  It may be like a turning point for them. Always for the better! Read more and be happy.

September is a pretty much awaited month because it marks the beginning of the fall-winter season!

Given that worldwide most famous brands know that September is the best month of the year for new releases, they allocate large sums of money to advertise the new season's edition and show it to the world properly.

It's the best time for new autumn-winter collections of designers to divulge them worldwide. So new brands and new trends are about to pop up. Hence it is the finest hour to reinforce the fashion revolution's principles.

The Fashion Revolution movement supports new trends and new attitudes

Since last year, much because of the pandemic, the fashion industry has moved to a partially digital format, making it accessible to everyone. Still, what everyone enjoys most is something more tangible, live or face-to-face!

Why's that?

Because most people would prefer the old "classic fashion" when models, stylists, and brands can show collections to the audience and hear their applause. 

From Milan to Paris, from London to New York, the fashion calendar sets the schedule for the upcoming two seasons, when the whole panorama can be better tracked as well as to select which pieces are coming out, i.e., which ones are appearing, which colors will be most wanted (Pantone 2023) and so on.

The show must go on (again)!

Fashion has different trends in every spot on the planet. People have been dressing up since the beginning of time. Fashion styles are influenced by feelings, tastes, and each moment of an individual's lifetime. Turning points happen often, and the clothing follows them. You dress like the now and like the ever. This is what matters and what affects new fashion trends.

The changes in fashion styles follow the changes in seasons

When did the fashion tradition begin?

It all started in the 19th century when the fashion designer Charles Worth (1826-1895) created haute couture and felt the need to show his creations to the public. And so he started to promote the launches of his collections according to the season's duo, spring/summer and fall/winter. Given September begins a new year in Northern Hemisphere, fashion magazines begin to divulge fashion designers and manufacturers.

The history of clothing, by the way, follows humanity's history

3 requirements the sustainable fashion designers demand to make the best piece:

  1. Recycled, ready-made, and sustainable fabrics.

  2. Organic pigments give true colors to fabrics.

  3. Technology to follow skilled labor, i.e., first-rate techniques for the production of the best clothing. 

5 reasons why fashion is a turning point in people's lives: 

1 - Fashion creates the first impression

    According to Will Rogers an American vaudeville performer, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. In other words, the first look is the one that remains for good. That said, the style of your dress, jewelry, and other accessories might be a kind of "business card" of your look. Show off your state of mind by wearing what makes you feel good.

    2 - Fashion is a form of self-expression

    Clothing style shows your mood in terms of emotion, inspiration, and what you are up to. It reveals how powerful your creativity is. Your outfit is like a soul since it is linked to your personality. That is what you dress can underline to you and to the people who are staring at you. In short, fashion is all about finding your inner strength and peace because clothes "tell" a bit of your life story. 

    3 - Fashion helps you bring out your artistic side

      You don't need to become a fashion designer to demonstrate your artistic streak. All you need is to know what kind of outfit sounds better on that day and moment. Draw in your mind the perfect combinations and wear your best “vibe”. Be your best version by writing your own script! 

      4 - Fashion helps boost your self-confidence

        Improve your confidence level with tips on fashion trends. At this point, if the dress you made can make you feel comfortable it might boost your self-confidence. “Yes, I can do it. I can make myself happy!”. Your capsule wardrobe is richer than you’ve imagined. 

        5 - Fashion dominates the entertainment industry

          In the entertainment world, fashion is one of the most important claimers. You do know how movies and music dictate fashion trends. You copycat entertainment trends and show people what movies or music have influenced your ways.

          By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN

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