Skin microbiota: fundamental to skin physiology and immunity!

Remember always that your skin is a complex ecosystem that is inhabited by bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses. These microbes altogether are commonly known as skin microbiota. They are vital to skin physiology and immunity. Read more and get to know better how to improve and keep your skin healthy!

Skin microbiota is fundamental to keep it healthy and beautiful for a long time!

This old concept that microorganisms are bad for human health is no longer valid. Recent studies on skin microbiota have changed the scientist’s approach regarding actual the role of the microbes.

According to Karla Constâncio, pharmacist and President of K Constâncio, "the benefits of maintaining healthy the skin microbiota, goes through the strengthening of the skin barrier, by helping to fight against pathogenic microorganisms until it reaches our immune system. All the organs, as well as all our cells, are connected. What happens in one part reverberates throughout the body. Our skin is a complex universe, still not explored properly".

The process of skin microbiota assembly begins at birth

It proceeds primarily according to body site over several weeks. The microbiota shifts notably during puberty when hormonal and developmental changes help sculpt the final composition that is performed throughout adulthood.

The first microbial settlers help train the immune system to tolerate comatose organisms (which have a neutral or beneficial impact on their host) while remaining alert to pathogens.

Host–microbe interactions depend heavily on following contexts:

  • the state of immune activation

  • host genetic predisposition

  • barrier status

  • microbe localization

  • microbe–microbe interactions.

The current hectic life, especially in large cities, contributes to accelerating skin deterioration. Contact with pollutants such as aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other allergens negatively influence skin immunity.

The point is that the major international brands in the cosmetics market are aware of the potential of probiotics and prebiotics.

What are probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms and therefore strengthen the immune system, facilitating the absorption of nutrients. They are present in pharmaceutical or food products (yogurts and fermented milk) that contain one or more living microorganisms, such as lactobacilli.

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that function as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria. That is, this dynamic duo that will reorganize your intestinal flora!

Like fingerprints, the microbiota is unique, i.e. It is an individual universe. Thus, none are similar. In other words, there is no equal microbiota, since it is influenced by genetic inheritance and other personal aspects such as diet and other personal organic characteristics.

Beneficial microbes also collaborate in the production of vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs that the human genome cannot produce. On the other hand, harmful microbes still do exist. They even can harm the skin if their interaction with other microorganisms does not meet the treatment aims.

If there is an imbalance in the composition of the microbiota, it will help to develop metabolic, inflammatory, and autoimmune diseases!


To keep your a healthy skin microbiota, you should follow these 6 super-cool tips:

1 - Reduce processed and sugary foods

Foods that carry refined white flour (such as carbohydrates) or sugar help in increasing insulin in the blood, which stimulates the production of hormones, increasing sebum production by the sebaceous glands.

2 - Correct intestinal imbalance

There is a direct axis between skin and intestine, which contributes to the appearance of acne. A well-balanced diet allows the gut to work more efficiently, resulting in soft, healthier skin.

3 - Get a diet rich in omega 3

Omega 3 has strong anti-inflammatory action and can prevent chronic diseases. It is present in vegetable seeds, cod liver oil, and fat-rich fish (mackerel and salmon).

4 - Workout for a good sleep

Everyone knows that a sedentary lifestyle is not a good deal for health. Practicing physical exercises regularly is good and still contributes to an invigorating sleep.

5 - Meditate, read, listen to music and enjoy nature

The level of stress will always be higher in people who are not fond of a good reading, pleasant music, and not digging the splendid beauty of nature. High stress results in dry skin which increases the chance of premature aging.

6 - Drink water without fear of being happy

Drink water always. It will help to make your skin healthier because it "feeds" the good microbes. A good call is having more than two liters of water per day. This amount will also improve your blood circulation and the absorption of water-soluble vitamins, like vitamins C and B. Water drinking, will aid the functioning of the intestine and kidneys. In short, water cleanses the body and soul. Simple as that.

If you allow yourself to follow the above tips, it will certainly help in the interaction and synergy of beneficial microorganisms with skin cells and immune cells, strengthening the barrier that will protect your skin against aging and all infections.

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN