Start the new year applying the lessons that trees teach!

The importance of trees to the environment is widely well known. They help purify the air, among other benefits. However, few realize the life lessons trees can teach everyone. So start your new year by putting into practice the lessons the Guardians of Nature offer you! 

Trees have incredible skills that many are unaware of!


A tree is an evolved being due to its full self-control on each function. For example, trees know few before a leaf drops down and when the seed starts fertilizing the soil.

Underground network

The trees communicate with each other, via their underground entangled roots, like the internet. That amazing network aims to protect them against external threats as well as to an efficient nutrients exchange.


Don’t you love climbing a tree to pick delicious fruits? How about reading a great novel by the tree, or having fun on a swing that holds on to the branches of the tree? Yes! This might be awesome and everybody loves it! Trees do make you happy and amuse you!

Post-mortem contribution

    Even after "dead", the trees are generous as they provide their wood for the production of homes, furniture, and a huge variety of other items. Furthermore, the firewood gives the necessary warmth in winter and helps to make food.

    7 Benefits that trees may offer:

    1. Healing, sustenance, and protection: trees produce substances that serve as the basis for products such as medicines and teas, as well as fruits, flowers, seeds, fibers, latex, resins, and pigments, serving as a food source and natural habitat for various species of animals.

    2. Water cycle: a process by which water drops into the ground as rain to be absorbed and then released back into the air by the transpiration of the leaves. Deforestation can disrupt this cycle, putting freshwater supplies at risk (representing only 3% of the planet's water).

    3. Soil quality: good quality soil should not contain more than 2% carbon. However, in forest areas, it can be below 0.05%, because as the soil is full of trees, this production can be doubled, improving its quality for plantations.

    4. Soil erosion: Deforested areas are vulnerable to desertification, but trees can prevent this vicious cycle because of their trunks and foliage that form a natural barrier against winds and floods. The roots also contribute to keeping the soil compacted, avoiding erosion.

    5. Noise pollution: When planted in large urban centers, trees help drown out the sound coming from vehicles, buildings, speakers, and people.

    6. Light pollution: foliage provides a barrier against the excess of light, as in large cities when the natural habits of birds and insects can be altered. In the field, no one can resist the invigorating shade of a tree.

    7. Air pollution and sunscreen: trees absorb solar radiation and release oxygen and water, regulating temperature on air humidity and rainfall.

    Need anything else?

    Yes! Trees provide life lessons that must be applied during this very New Year, and of course, always!


    Trees teach to say thank you to every blessing gift that comes without asking. This gesture is the least that a conscious person can do to enjoy all the goods he or she receives from mother-nature.


    Hugging a tree to feel and receive all its energy. Such a great feeling! This custom is also known as "arbotherapy". Another act of love is to walk among the trees, breathing the pure aroma of its leaves.


    The tree is in no hurry. Its roots grow at in a slow-motion that can take decades and even centuries to cross the ground and facing difficulties from all over. In the end, the cycle is complete and the result of patience is a success.


    Trees are born from a small seed and need many years to become adults. Lightning can bring down both a big tree and a small tree. Therefore, it is essential to have humility, because everyone is equal in success and difficulties as well.


    Some trees are considered sacred because around them there are rituals that represent the transmutation of man. Therefore, they convey the wisdom and security that everyone needs to survive in this world of ups and downs.


    The trees are generous. They offer benefits and don't charge anything back. Donating with love is important for a simple and productive life.


    The trees face any kind of weather, but they still stand. When they fall, they know that a seed can still stand and a new tree will emerge. Invariably, "after the storm comes the bonanza." No matter the size of the damage, because hope is the certainty that better days will come. After all, "time is the lord of reason"!


    The ability to overcome a difficulty can be seen in the Kalaloch campground where the "Tree of Life" stands (see below). This stunning natural wonder has no official name. It is also known as Kalaloch TreeThe same erosion that has created this natural spectacle continues. No one believes that someday, the Tree of Life will fall due to its brave resilience!

      Trees are indeed sacred beings due to all the benefits they provide to mankind and nature as well. Honor them and have your tee with a tree!