Sustainable tourism is traveling with ecological awareness!

Sustainable tourism is a must that everyone should be aware of! In fact, only a few tourists do practice good tourism when traveling. When tourists have responsibilities in order to make their trips an ecological adventure, everything goes well and everyone enjoys it! 

Have you figured about the ecological impact you leave on the place you visited?

A conscientious consumer makes a point when leaving good impressions in the places he visits. Everybody knows that sustainable tourism is vital to the environment when preserving the natural beauties of the visited place.

In other words, respecting the environment means valuing local culture in all its aspects, namely, social, cultural and economic.

"Sustainable tourism is what safeguards the environment and natural resources, ensuring the economic growth of the activity, that is, capable of meeting the needs of present and future generations."  World Tourism Organization 

Do's and don'ts when visiting different places

1- Do respect local culture and customs

More than knowing a place and its beauty is to show great respect when hearing their stories or the local's urban legends. Gestures like those do represent a lot and they may be important if you someday get back to the place you have visited. 

2- Do prefer typical local foods and dishes

When you give preference to the typical dishes of the place, instead of the same old ones you are used to, you make locals proud. Besides consuming products made in the place, may help its economy. 

3- Do pay attention when buying souvenirs

Buying any souvenir from the place you visit demonstrates that you are giving value to the products made locally. Doing this you are helping artisans and local commerce. On the other hand, avoid buying anything that causes damage to nature, no matter where it was made. Good opportunity to show good examples to who is breaking the law.  

4- Do not trash anything away before making an ecological selection

If you're really a guy who's concerned about sustainable tourism, do the right stuff concerning to the waste you make. Hotels may have selected garbage. So discard your waste in them. When you are outdoor, do the same whether you are walking on the streets, on parks, mountains, forests, etc. The same on the beach or if you are in a boat. A good tip is to bring a biodegradable bag, to use it, when there are no garbage baskets around.

5- Do not take anything along without permission

When taking walks in environmental areas, avoid collecting plants, or other objects that may harm the local ecosystem. Ask first if you can do it. Take pictures instead. A different memory collection is to interview a local folk character. This is how your trips will always remain alive in your memory!

6- Do avoid using cups, straws, plastic bottles and other disposables which may harm the environment 

Try to take along with you, your own aluminum bottle to put water. Don't forget that plastic cups and plastic straws are harmful to nature! Use those only if they are biodegradable. This is a must!   

7- Do not waste water or any other energy

Be responsible when using water during your stay, regardless of the place you are. That kind of principle you bring from home. Anywhere in the world, water is a gem that should not be wasted! Same behavior towards other stuff. Avoid unnecessary change of bed linen and towels. When going out, turn off the light, fan or air conditioner.

8- Do save money and give preference to local transportation 

If the distance is too far when visiting a place, rent a bike. Pick a cab or bus only if there is no other option. If you have a car, take it only if other options don't exist! 
The best idea is to make the previous itinerary before visiting any place. Youll save time, money and energy doing this. 

9- Do avoid going to places that exploit animals

Jump out of attractions like "artistic swims" with dolphins, animal performances, circuses and aquariums, elephant rides, camels (even horses) and visits to zoos. Places like those, only do harm to animals in order to amuse tourists! Runaway from this! Sustainable tourism means cruelty-free actions as well! 

10- Do pack with equal weight both directions

The best luggage must be rational. So be selective. Choose versatile clothes that match on multiple occasions. Take along with you only a few clothes. Thus, the weight of your suitcase, both on the way and in the return should be just about the same!.  

In short: the best sustainable tourism, values local environmental, cultural and social issues!

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