Take care of your mental and emotional health! This is the finest moment!

Awareness means taking good care of mental and emotional health. Nowadays, this kind of behavior indicates a lot more than before due to the pandemic. See how you can take better care of yourself to control your mental and emotional health better.

The human being, in general, is sensitive by nature and, therefore, prone to "attacks,ā€ both of internal origin and external.

The human being, in general, is sensitive by nature and, therefore, prone to "attacks," both of internal origin and external.

When this machine called a human being is not well cared for, it is sure that its gears will not work correctly. The time comes when maintenance is key to restoring normality. Otherwise, the obvious consequences will be inevitable.

And how to take good care of this machine so that it has a little "repairs" possible?

Despite the famous maxim, "we are what we think,ā€ the first step is to "know" thinking right, using the right tools at the correct times.


Intuition is one of those powerful tools that helps a lot because it functions as a kind of self-defense like what "could happen" if you donā€™t take adequate measures.

Through keen intuition, it is possible to filter and separate what does well and what can be harmful to mental and emotional health. Feeling the "astral" of the environment is the first step to avoid attacks from all fronts.Ā 

On the other hand, the researcher and nutritionist Karen de Oliveira observed very well: "We have the habit of launching a more "scientific" look at the functioning of the body as a machine of connections, stimuli, chemical reactions, etc.. However, even the healthiest mind of all will be capable of maintaining emotional health based only on this principle. That is because of the physiological and genetic factors, the mind is rational cognitive, which makes it limited, always seeking a "logical" reason for fact. In this context, we can perceive that external factors can modulate mental and creating unreal situations. That's when the mind lies!"

Promote harmony on your emotional and mental sideĀ 

By avoiding these symptoms, you will achieve the perfect balance of your emotional and mental health


  • Discouragement

  • Lack of motivation

  • Apathy

  • FrustrationĀ 


  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Panic

  • Melancholy

Another factor that influences mental and emotional health is a low diet because, without balanced nutrition, no brain will "work" right!

For example, the conscious consumer will not suffer from these evils because he knows how to balance his food, in addition to his personal choices, products he buys, people he/she lives with, places he frequents, and attitudes that protect the environment.

Conscious attitudes will maintain the balance of your mental and emotional health:

  1. Study, search, ask, speculate, and analyze impartially.

  2. Meditate, focus, concentrate, and fix only on good things.

  3. Help, participate, learn, teach, and share what you've learned best.

In summary, those who seek the perfect management of correct emotions and mental postures will undoubtedly have a life full of personal, sentimental, and professional achievements.

Wise are these words of Deepak Chopra when he says, "we are the only creatures on the face of the Earth capable of changing our biology by what we think and feel! Our cells are constantly snooping around our thoughts and being modified by them. Do you want to know how your body is today? Remember what you thought yesterday. You want to know what your body will be like tomorrow? Look at your thoughts today! Either you open your heart, or some cardiologist will do it for you."

5 steps to get the mastery of life:

  1. Development and application of one's ideas

  2. Integration and adaptation to unexpected situations

  3. Autonomy and self-determination

  4. Accurate perception of reality

  5. Environmental domain and social competence

William Shakespeare wasn't wrong when he metaphorically said: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep."

The secret for a plenty life is having body and mind in ful balance. Complete your happiness by checking Greenco's products here.