Toxic positivity is a negative attitude as well!

Toxic positivity may sound paradoxical, but it's not like that. If there is no balance in any circumstance of life, it can become bitter, due to excesses which are always harmful. Find out how to dose a situation so you don't fall into this trap.

Imagine a tense moment of great suffering. Your thoughts may be full of negative information that any "foreign aid" can become the opposite effect!

At these times, "incentives", like, "It's going to be okay," "Be positive, "It could have been worse", "Universe conspires", or even "God knows what he is doing," won't do any good at all. On the contrary, this excess of "advice" can become toxic and therefore harmful to the physical and emotional health.

In other words, mental health experts gave a name to classify this lack of criteria when it comes to "giving strength" to those who suffer because of some heavy or tense reason: "Toxic Positivity.

"Toxic positivity is the idea that we should focus only on positive emotions and positive aspects of life. It's like believing that if we ignore the difficult emotions and parts of our lives that don't go well, we'll be much happier," said Heather Monroe, Social Worker and Director of Program Development at the Newport Institute in the United States.

Positivity becomes toxic when it masks a reality. In these times of suffocation, bitterness, and disappointment, silence is the best counselor.

This (necessary) reserved behavior allows you to weigh the situation and weigh the pros and cons. The (false) belief that positivity can alter the situation (as in a magic pass) creates an illusion that becomes a new burden because of the disappointment it has generated.

See the case of those who live with the "drawn" cuddles in the form of "likes" or "emojis". When this pseudo-success is over, the taste of failure is even more bitter.

Arrogance and the sense of infallibility have heavy consequences when failure happens. It is worth the old and wise saying: "The more inclined the chin is, the greater the stumble."

Não se discute o poder de um pensamento positivo e seu valor ante uma situação negativa, mas tudo em excesso atrapalha, principalmente se a fonte for externa.

The best thermometer to live with success or suffer less is to know how to balance the reactions and have discernment not to cross the line of common sense.

This type of "distrust" does not exist in radical people who do not see the other side of the coin either by ignorance or even fragility.

The purpose of this article is not to make a person cold and emotionless to the point of ignoring the good intentions of other people. The point is only to prevent that balance is the best attitude in any situation, both of those who suffer, and of those who advise.

The ability of self-control is the ideal recipe to live better in good or in bad times. The middle ground in any situation of life functions as a kind of shield that will protect you and keep you aware that ups and downs are common in the life of any living being on this planet.

To accept reality the way it is or becomes is to like discovering how to reinvent life whenever necessary!

Enjoy your moments of discernment and check here the latest Greenco promotions. This is pure and simple reality!