Who exactly do people dress for? For them or others?

Do people dress up to be fashionable or to feel good? What colors of outfits define the personality of a person? Wondering how this works out? Keep reading and see how clothes can make a difference to your mood according to your personality.

The choice of clothing is a way to externalize a feeling, an idea, or a message

In other words, the way we dress says a lot about our personality, as much as, most of the time, this isn't a conscious process.

Outfits can be seen as a kind of "second skin" that transmutes according to the profile of each, that is, how you see yourself and relate to yourself, to your body, to your environment.

Studies show that the human being is affected by the colors and their different degrees of luminosity. For this reason, that on a cloudy or rainy day, many people feel sadder. And that  impacts the way a person dresses.

On the physical level, clothing sharpens at least three of the senses: vision, touch, and smell, because the fabrics have colors, cuts, textures, and smells as well.

The way of dressing up may reveal your very style. What's yours?:

  • Classic: Style of who is conservative to dress. Those people are connected with stability and perfectionism. They are elegant and do not give up comfort.

  • Trendy: This is the style of those who follow the fashion. Trendy guys love to draw attention and therefore would rather please others than themselves.

  • Minimalist: Dudes who fit this uncommon style, get satisfied with little. Just like they do towards life since minimalists think the fewer clothes, the better. The secret is to find out how to match the pieces and only buy recycled or second-hand clothing..

The outfit colors that reveal your personality!

The colors of clothes, their effects, and the personality of those who wear them:


"Black is a color that makes you a serious person as most experts say. In psychology, black is seen as an indicator of prestige, power, and intelligence. Therefore, in universities the graduation outfit is black. Who likes to wear black clothes is ambitious and reliable.



Brown is considered the color of the earth, which comes out to be a pretty strong, and stable shade. Whoever likes to wear brown may be a shy guy as well as a reasonable "down-to-earth" dude.



Fashion analysts agree that blue is the ideal clothing color for important occasions like a job interview, for example, because it radiates trust and loyalty. That is why some companies’ uniforms are blue. Scientists at the University of British Columbia have found that dark shades of blue transmit calmness and peace.



Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Institute and author of "Lively with Color", states that people who wear green have an active public life, and may be an activist for example. Scientists at the University of Amsterdam have concluded that green clothing increases the mood of those who wear it and those around.



In the past, purple was the favorite color of aristocrats. The tone refers to luxury and sophistication. Fashion experts claim that the person who wears purple is sensitive, with mystical tendencies, as well as being creative and insightful.



That striking color represents passion and strength, so it is associated with energy and emotion. The person who mostly wears red clothes has a strong personality and has a captivating personality, besides being narcissistic.



The color that is of light is the color of happiness. According to researchers, yellow has a lot of influence on the environment. It is said that it helps to elevate serotonin production in the brain, accelerating metabolism. So people who love yellow outfits may be hyperactive and sentimental as well.



White is considered the symbol of peace because it transmits order and tranquility. People who like white clothes may be simple, honest, and reliable who love freedom and stay cool.



Most fashion stylists state that pink is the favorite color of teenagers. It is a color used by those who are open-minded guys and who do not care about prejudice. This happens more to men who wear pink and do not care about others’ opinions.



Orange is connected to fun and festive celebrations. Lovers of this color are cheerful, creative, and love changings nonetheless they are cautious people.



Fashion consultants have the gray color as the color of balance due to its neutrality. The closet that has more gray clothes, belongs to a person who does not like to show off, being discreet and mature.

The construction of fashion always tends to follow the culture and social situation according to the place, because it turns out to be one of the most influential forms of expression of a people and what it believes.

Fashion that is forever: the typical costumes most known in the world

  1. China - The typical Chinese costume is named qipao or cheongsam. It turns out to be a kind of kimono that has always been a symbol of elegance. Its design includes a diagonal collar and a fairer cut.

  2. Germany - The well-known German "party clothes" are inspired by the robes of peasants who lived in the Alps. The women's dirndl costume consists of a ruffled bodice at the neckline, a shirt with a plaid apron, and a skirt. The men's costume, lederhosen, is leather pants that sit above the knee, high stockings, suspenders, and a hat with feathers.

  3. Scotland - The best-known piece of Scottish clothing is the kilts, plaid skirts used by men. In the old day, clans could recognize each other only by the pattern of tissue chess.

  4. Japan - The Japanese kimono is the most traditional piece in the country. It can be used mainly at super-formal events, such as weddings, festivals, and tea ceremonies.

  5. Egypt - The typical Egyptian costume is the hijab and the veil. In some places, it may even be common to wear the burqa without being mandatory. The clothes are made with fabrics of great quality with trims that are successful worldwide, as well as a source of inspiration for a lot of stylists.

By Marco Veado - THINK GREEN