World Environment Day: fight today and always for nature!

On June 5th, we celebrate the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY! But the fight for sustainability must be daily all year round! Join the cause, be an activist in this crusade to protect Mother Nature! It needs more care, despite being honored! Otherwise, it may be too late!

World Environment Day, also called Ecology Day, was created in 1972 by the United Nations Conference on the Environment, held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

June 5th is celebrated in countless ways, in more than 100 countries, when various actions are promoted and replicated throughout the year, such as cleaning beaches, streets, parks, and planting a tree.

We can no longer "leave for tomorrow", what we can do today! Society needs, once and for all, to know that nature cannot wait any longer!

Indeed effective actions are happening with more intensity than ever before because due information spread faster nowadays. For this reason, it turns out to be the right moment to fight even harder for that cause. What's done now might reverberate in the future!

Do it! Nature can no longer wait! It's now or never!

All issues regarding the environment and ecology have become fundamental questions for the existence of the world as a living organism that serves as a habitat for humans, animals, and plants!

Concerns about the environment are not so new. They began to intensify from the Industrial Revolution, a period that initiated technological development.

In the 19th century, the German biologist Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), concerned about the effects of the industrial factories on the environment, then decided to formally create a discipline that studied the relationship of living beings with nature and so, in 1866, he proposed the term "ecology", as a new branch of biology.

Nowadays, heads of state, secretaries, ministers, and other authorities have to have an agenda establishing strict rules for the protection and preservation of natural resources. The main goal is to point out ways to fight for a more sustainable planet.

"The protection and improvement of the human environment is a fundamental issue affecting the well-being of peoples and the economic development of the whole world, an urgent desire of people from all over the world and a duty of all governments." (Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment - 1972)

After all, why should we care about the environment?

The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that makes our planet habitable, are "gifts" Mother Nature offered to us. Natural resources, once considered inexhaustible are no longer endless. They need to be preserved now!

Living beings are all connected to each other in a complex network that reverberates like the so-called "butterfly effect" i.e. if it spoils here, it reflects there!

Actions that will guide you on your environmental crusade!  

  • Preservation of forests: in the dry season, the situation of forests becomes even more dangerous, because of the fires. Campaigns to prevent people who like parks to watch out for cigarettes when throwing out of their trash, for example.
  • Cleaning of rivers, lakes, and sea: check out if the number of dumpsters in these places is sufficient. Especially in vacation time.
  • Preservation of fauna and flora: animals and plants that inhabit nature deserve respect and special attention. Fight in your defense and prevent any action that might harm those precious beings.
  • Fishing only when allowed: make it clear to your friends who enjoy fishing that it should only be done when it is allowed and in a pre-established quantity. It is strictly forbidden to fish in a season of reproduction of fish.
  • Hunt at no time: Quit doing that f you are used to. There is no room for such cruelty! No one deserves this evil that, above all, can hasten the extinction of a particular animal species. It's about time to ban this practice from everywhere!
  • Protect all the animals that suffer: if you know of any rodeo near where you live, go ahead and fight so that it does not happen. The same procedure with regard to circuses and zoos.
  • Do not throw garbage on the street: when there is no trash nearby, the alternative is to put the trash in a bag, or even in your pocket. Later you discard it in the appropriate place.
  • Avoid wasting water: water is such a precious and sacred natural good that must be used to the right extent. Avoiding wasting water beyond what is necessary is a must. One day, you may need it. A good tip: store some rainwater in order to water the plants.
  • Avoiding excessive electricity consumption: acquiring the habit of turning off the light and electrical appliances that are not being used is essential for the environment because this will avoid more CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • Choosing organic food: opting for healthy food also generates less environmental impact, because it is produced without adding chemicals that also cause damage to health.
  • Choose cruelty-free clothes, shoes, and cosmetics: cry out loud a big "no" for companies that do not respect animals and use them as guinea pigs or as sources for clothing production in general.

Share these tips!

    There is more! Promote public debates in your community and support environmental education in schools from elementary to college! Raise financial and logistical resources, with the support of volunteers willing to go to this fight, like you!

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