Men’s Sneakers: leave your sustainable footprint with Greenco

You already know that fashion is a way of manifesting your personality and attitude, but what if your style could also represent your causes and ideas? Greenco’s men’s sneakers are practical shoes that, in addition to accompanying you in your daily routine, are also designed to think about the future of the planet.

And what does this mean? They are all made for the well-being and preservation of nature! All without needing to sacrifice a modern and stylish touch. After all, fashion and sustainability can walk hand in hand, and we can prove it!


Responsible consumption within the latest fashion trends

Billions of pairs of sneakers are made every year while a few million pairs are thrown away annually by consumers for various reasons. As an example, it is estimated that it takes an average of 30 to 40 years for a pair to completely decompose in a landfill.

Plus, sneakers are also one of the retail items that generate the most waste during production.

This is due to the huge industry behind the immense demand for shoes, which manufactures pairs using virgin plastic, rubber, and petroleum, generating alarming quantities of carbon dioxide.

Here at Greenco, we do it differently: we produce all of our products with organic, recycled, and natural materials! And if life is made up of choices, there’s nothing better than choosing that which helps the planet, right? If you want to know more about our men’s vegan sneakers, take a look at the next topic!

Vegan and sustainable sneakers made from natural and recycled materials

Named after the Earth’s seas and oceans, our men’s sneakers are a true celebration of nature! They’re super comfortable and made from things you might not have imagined, such as sugarcane! Available in numerous designs and colors that go well with everything, the best sustainable sneakers help you walk in the direction of a more sustainable world:


Mediterranean Sneakers

Characterized by their unique softness, these vegan sneakers have soles with EVA made from sugarcane, and the upper has knit made from recycled PET and spandex. That’s right! Such basic items from our day to day that are reused to give life to one-of-a-kind shoes! With an insole also made of sugarcane EVA, the Mediterranean sneakers inspire versatility and great style!


The Mediterranean sea is the most polluted on the planet, but you can walk against fast fashion, which greatly contributes to this pollution. Are inspiring attitudes what motivate you? Then the Mediterranean sneakers are the perfect choice for you!


Pacific Sneakers

Also made from natural and recycled materials, the Pacific sneakers are named after the biggest and deepest of the oceans on Earth. The “Garbage Patch” is also in this ocean, which concentrates the most varied solid pollutants, especially plastics.

Our Pacific sneakers have natural rubber, insoles made from sugarcane, and the upper produced with PET bottles and recycled cotton. With Pacific sneakers, you’ll not only be wearing sustainability on your feet, but also have a durable and very stylish product for every moment!


Arctic Sneakers

Contrary to the Pacific, the Glacial Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest ocean of the world. But this doesn’t prevent it from suffering with pollutants in its water. A recent study shows that around 60% of the ocean is already affected by plastic particles brought in by ocean currents.

And, just like our other sneaker designs, the Arctic is both sustainable and comfortable, with the objective of preserving our nature. This is possible because the rubber is natural, the insoles are made from sugarcane, and the upper is produced from PET bottles and recycled cotton.

Leave your footprint in the world with comfort and great style. Count on Greenco when planning a more conscious and responsible closet. Take advantage of your visit and discover our other products, such as T-shirts made out of hemp and recycled materials.