Women’s sneakers to walk in sustainable style

Wherever you look, there are more and more incentives for you to make purchases. It doesn’t matter what they are, the advertisements are everywhere. On the other hand, however, is slow fashion, which is fashion designed to be timeless with pieces that can be worn anytime of the year.

This is why Greenco has a line of women’s sneakers, to rethink the relationship with fashion. Ecological and comfortable, each model was carefully designed to be stylish, durable, and sustainable.

Manufactured with natural and recycled materials, our women’s vegan sneakers are perfect to take along anywhere, at any moment.

Going Zero Waste

The global shoe industry is among those that cause the most negative impact on the environment.

It is responsible for creating from 5 - 10% of pollution on the planet, especially considering shoes made out of leather or other synthetic materials.

A single shoe generates waste in all stages of production, leaving behind not only remains of synthetic materials, but also threads, foam, rubber, and scraps, among other materials. Additionally, some are produced with plastic and petroleum, which emit carbon dioxide in worrisome levels.

Here at Greenco, you have a variety of colors, styles, and materials in women’s sneakers – all made from organic, natural, and recycled materials – making our shoes the sustainable alternative you were looking for.


Mediterranean Sneakers

The path is not always easy, but everything becomes lighter when you’re wearing your Mediterranean sneakers – named after the most polluted ocean of Europe that has overexploitation of fish.

These vegan sneakers have knit details from recycled PET and soles made with sugarcane EVA, a renewable source that absorbs carbon in the atmosphere during its growth, and that’s processed in renewable energy installations.

Since our goal is to make style and sustainability progress hand in hand, these sneakers are super soft and have a sporty and versatile look. With their great durability, you’ll be ready for everything! So, try adding some more comfort to your shoe options while making sustainable choices for your day to day.


Indian Sneakers

The Indian Ocean is one that most contains waste on the surface from bottles, bags, and straws.

In 2017, around 373,000 toothbrushes and 977,000 shoes were found in the Indian Ocean, according to an investigation by the Institute of Ocean and Antarctica Research, by the University of Tasmania.

With a classic and relaxed style, the sneakers are made with natural rubber, which has much less of an environmental impact.  Additionally, the insole is produced with sugarcane, and recycled PET bottles and cotton are used for the upper. 


Atlantic Sneakers

The Atlantic Ocean had an oil spoil of gigantic proportions, which, in addition to reaching more than 400 locations along the Northeastern coast of Brazil, affected a number of biomes in the region.  

On top of this, some marine species in this ocean are threatened with extinction, which also impacts other species, as well as humans.

Like our other styles of sustainable and comfortable sneakers, the Atlantic has natural rubber, soles made of sugarcane, and the upper produced from recycled PET bottles and cotton. 

And in terms of design, these are your basic sneakers, but not the least boring, and make all of the difference in a more conscious wardrobe.

A responsible attitude starts with a simple step, and you feel it’s time to take yours.

So, choose one of the best sustainable sneakers from Greenco while discovering new history and facts. 

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